W7 OS quiz

  1. Which types of downloads/purchases can be bought on Marketplace via the "charge to my AT&T wireless bill" feature?
    Anything sold via the embedded Marketplace tile will have the ability to charge to the wireless bill. This includes items such as music, video, games, apps, etc. All purchases will have the ability to choose a credit card as an alternate payment type as well.
  2. How many tiles can you add to your main screen on the W7 devices?
    over 250
  3. How much free cloud-based storage do you get with W7's SkyDrive?
  4. How many email accounts can you set up on the W7 phones?
  5. True or False -

    Office mobile is included on the WP7 phones.
  6. Is my iTunes library compatible with WP7 since it has Zune Music?
    You can sync any non-DRM music, including iTunes library content, to Windows Phone 7 with the Zune Desktop app. You can also synch Zune DRM-protected content.
  7. What is a Windows LIVE ID?
    Windows Live ID is a Windows Live sign in for use with Hotmail, Live Messenger, SkyDrive, and other Microsoft, Office, Live, and MSN services. If you do not already have a Windows Live ID, you can still use Windows Phone 7 but you will be missing out on some great features such as automatic wireless synch of your SkyDrive content.
  8. How much is a Windows Live account?
    It is free!
  9. What is the Windows Phone "Find My Phone" Functionality and how does that work?
    "Find my phone" is a free service that is quite similar to the "My phone" service offering on previous WM6.5 devices. It is available from MSFT and is accessible as long as you have a Windows Live ID and visit http://windowsphone.live.com. Available features include 25GBs of free storage for photos, videos, files, etc. Ability to lock, wipe, and/or ring the phone remotely, send an "if found, then..." message remotely, ring even if in silent mode, map the phone from a last known location, etc.
  10. True or false -

    You can play a game on Xbox live on your W7 phone with a friend playing on their console?
  11. True or False -

    Windows Phone 7 runs on the Android platform.
  12. What data plans do U-Verse mobile and Zune require for streaming?
    Gotcha! Streaming is only available via wifi
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