Vocab A Unit 9 (1-10)

  1. avenge
    (v.) to get revenge for, get even for; to punish someone
  2. cede
    (v.) to give up, surrender; to hand over to another
  3. deluge
    (n.) a great flood; a heavy fall of rain (v.) to flood
  4. discretion
    (n.) good judgment; freedom to judge or choose
  5. giddy
    (adj.) dizzy; light-headed; lacking seriousness
  6. impact
    (n.) the striking of one object against another (v.) to affect, especially forcefully
  7. intimidate
    (v.) to make timid or frighten by threats
  8. liberate
    (v.) to free from bondage or domination; to release
  9. logical
    (adj.) reasonable; making use of reason and good sense
  10. misrepresent
    (v.) to give a falsee or untrue idea
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Vocab A Unit 9 (1-10)
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