Old Testament Final

  1. Factors that contributed to the divided kingdom:
    • 1.Tribal jealousies
    • 2.Solomon’s heavy-handed approach to governing.
    • 3.Jeroboam’s political ambition
    • 4.Rehoboam’s foolishness
  2. Three ways they (Phinehas) were wicked:
    • 1.Had no regard for the Lord Himself
    • 2.They treated the offering of the Lord with contempt, not handling it according to God’s law.
    • 3.They had slept with the women who served the tabernacle showing their immorality and disregard for worship and worshippers alike.
  3. Samuel had:
  4. 1.Stature
    • 2.Favor with God
    • 3.Favor with man
  5. Demand for King, Reasons:
  6. 1.Samuel’s sons lacked leadership
    2.Wanted to be like other nations
  7. Define Anoint:
    symbolic act of indicating that a person has been chosen and set apart for a special task.
  8. Fall of Saul:
    • 1.He offered the sacrifice himself in disobedience to God’s command.
    • 2.Made a foolish vow
    • 3.Did not obey when told to destroy all the Amalekites and their property.
    • 4.Saul allowed his jealousy to control him
    • 5.Saul violated his own law and sought the advise from the witch of Endor.
    • 6.Saul took his own life while fighting the Philistines
  9. Gods promise to david:
    • 1.His son and successor would build a temple for the Lord
    • 2.God would not remove His loving kindness from David’s dynasty.
    • 3.David’s throne would be established forever in God’s kingdom.
  10. Kings- purpose:
    • 1.Continue the Northern and Southern Kingdoms’ history until their fall.
    • 2.Point out northern kings’ wickedness in continuing golden-calf worship set up by Jeroboam and show why the Northern Kingdom fell so quickly.
    • 3.Reveal the judgement of God on the sins of the nations.
  11. Religion in Canaan:
    • 1.Chief god was regarded as creator
    • 2. Beal considered to be fertility god
    • 3.Asherah was wife of L, offspring was beaal
    • 4.In Joshua time when Israelites going into canaan, they were practicing prostitution and sacrifice
  12. Joshua-
    son of nun, name means lord is salvation
  13. Plan-
    "go in and do it"
  14. Arc of covanent symbolism:
    Arc of covenant is going to now represent the protecting presence of Yahweh
  15. Under the ban:
    • 1.Everything belonged to god
    • 2.People in city of jerico to be killed
    • 3.Shout and wells came down
  16. 4 exceptions found in book of Zacheria:
    • 1.Justice
    • 2.Kindness
    • 3.Warnings
    • 4.Anticipates
  17. Define the term Judges:
    Military leaders from God; spirit endowed

    "saw fit"
  18. Cycle of Judges:
    Circle of from top clockwise:

    • Sin->"forsook"
    • Suffering->"cry for mercy"
    • Supplication->"raise up judges"
    • Salvation->"saw fit"
    • and repeat
  19. Malachi:
    Warning against halfhearted religion
  20. Zechariah:

    Themes of laws and prophets:
    Call for justice

    • 1.Justice
    • 2.Kindness
    • 3.Warnings
    • 4.Anticipates
  21. True Faith:
    expressed in total commitment to God. He must be given first place
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