Health Vocab Ch. 3

  1. BVM
    A hand-held device used primarily to ventilate a victim in resiratory distress.
  2. Agonal Breath
    Regular breathing.
  3. Emphysema
    Adisease in which the lungs lose their ability to exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen efficiently.
  4. Asthma
    A condition that narrows the air passages and makes breathing difficult.
  5. Respiratory Distress
    A victim is having trouble breathing.
  6. FAST
    • Face ~ weakness on one side
    • Arm ~ weakness or nmness in one arm
    • Speech ~ slurred speech
    • Time ~ note the time each sign or symptoms were seen.
  7. Care First Situations
    • Provide care before calling.
    • Related to breathing emergencies rather than cardiac.
  8. Call First Situations
    • Call before giving care.
    • Call first -> suspect cardiac emergency.
  9. H.A.I.N.E.S Position
    Used when the victim may have a head, neck, or back injury.
  10. Recovery Postion
    Used to maintain an open airway for breathing victim with a decreased level of consciousness.
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