TXA 260L

  1. Structure: Polymer
    a long-chain molecule (macromolecule)
  2. Structure: Fiber
    unit of matter having an extremely small diameter and a length at least 100 times the diameter.
  3. Structure: Yarn
    a continuous strand of textiles fibers, and filaments.
  4. Structure: Fabric
    a thin sheet that is formed by interlaced, interlooped or knotted yarns, or by distributed fibers that are held together mechanically or chemically.
  5. Property: Physical
    thermal, moisture, specific gravity
  6. Property: Chemical
    resistance to acid, alkali, oxidizing
  7. Property: Mechanical
    stress-strain, resilience, flexibility
  8. Property: Miscellaneous
    UV, biological, toxic
  9. What are the most important atoms in fiber-forming materials?
    Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), Nitrogen (N), and Sulphur (S)
  10. Macromolecule
    a very large molecule commonly created by some form of polymerization.
  11. Monomer
    individula units in polymer
  12. Backbone
    carbon atoms covalently bonded to each other or oxygen or nitrogen.
  13. Attached groups: Hydrogen
  14. Attached groups: Methyl
    (-CH3) hydrophobic
  15. Attached groups: Hydroxyl
    (-OH) hydrophilic
  16. Carbohydrate (R)
    compound of C and H
  17. Polymerization: addition (chain-growth)
    direct coupling two identical monomers, unstable bonds (double bond)
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