Law 294 - Chapter 1 Terms

  1. What is risk management?
    The process of identifying, evaluating and responding to the possibility of harmful events.
  2. What is a law?
    A rule that can be enforced by the courts.
  3. What is civil law?
    A system that traces their history to ancient Rome.
  4. What is jurusduction?
    A geographical area that uses the same set of laws.
  5. What is common law?
    Systems that trace their history to England.
  6. What is public law?
    Concerned with governments and the ways in which they deal with their citizens.
  7. What is constitutional law?
    It provides the basic rules of our political and legal systems.
  8. What is administrative law?
    It is concerned with the creations and operation of admin agencies and tribunals.
  9. What is criminal law?
    It deals with offenses against the state.
  10. What is tax law?
    It is concerned with the rules that are used to collect money for the purposes of public spending.
  11. What is private law?
    It is concerned with the rules that apply in private matters.
  12. What is a tort?
    A private wrong.
  13. What is the law of contracts?
    Concerned with the creation and enforcement of agreements.
  14. What is the law of property?
    It is the acquisition, use and disposition of property.
  15. What is a constituation?
    Documents that create the basic rules for Canadian society, including political/legal.
  16. What is federal?
    Country that has two levels of government. (Canada is federal)
  17. What is the division of powers?
    Area in which each level of government can create laws.
  18. What is residual power?
    Federal government has authority over everything not mentioned in the division of powers.
  19. What is the doctrine of federal paramountcy?
    Deteremines which law is pre-eminent based on the Constitutions' division of powers.
  20. What are property rights?
    Rights to enjoy property.
  21. What are economic rights?
    Rights to carry on economic activities.
  22. What is parliamentary supremacy?
    Judges are required to interpret consitutional and statutory documents, they must also obey them.
  23. What is a legislation?
    Law created by Parliament or a legislature.
  24. What is a suboridinate legislation?
    Created with the authority of Parliament or the legislature.
  25. What is a municipality?
    A town or city.
  26. What is a by-law?
    A type of subordinate legislation created by a muncipality.
  27. What is equity?
    A general sense of fairness.
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