Dental Sciences Exam

  1. Blood leaves the heart via the what?
    Pulmonary artery
  2. Brachiocephalic artery
    branches off aorta on (R) side and goes to the head
  3. (R) Common carotid artery comes off what?
  4. (L) Common carotid artery comes off what?
  5. Common carotid runs with the ________ and ________ through the ________.
    • internal jugular vein
    • vagus nerve
    • carotid sheath
  6. Common carotid divides at larynx into what?
    • External carotid
    • internal carotid-skull before it branches
  7. Branches of external carotid
    superior thyroid, lingual, facial, ascending pharyngeal, occipital, posterior auricular, maxillary, and superficial temporal
  8. Facial artery
    • -Side of neck deep to the submandibular gland crosses lower border of mandible in front angle of mand.
    • -travels across face and ends near corner of the eye as the angular artery.
  9. Lingual artery
    • -branches off below facial artery
    • -goes between hyoglosses muscle (deep) and end in 3 Branches
  10. What are the three branches off the lingual artery?
    • -Dorsal lingual-deep post. tongue
    • -deep lingual-deep ant. tongue
    • -sublingual-ventral surface of the tongue/ floor of mouth
  11. linguofacial truck
    lingual/facial arteries come off as one trunk from external carotid and the split
  12. Maxillary artery
    -max. and superficial temporal artery are teh terminal branches of the external carotid
  13. The maxillary artery supplies the what?
    • muscles of mastication
    • teeth
    • oral/nasal cavities
    • coverings of the brain
  14. Inferior Alveolar branch
    • -enters mandible at the mandibular foramen
    • -supplies teeth and bone
    • -branches in premolar region to become mental artery and incisive artery
    • -mental artery leaves mandible through Mental Foramen
  15. Tempoal branch- 2 Branches:
    • -Anterior deep temporal artery ----->Temporal muscle
    • -Posterior deep temporal artery ----->Temporal muscle
  16. Masseteric branch
    runs through the coronoid notch to masseter muscle
  17. Pterygoid branch
    to medial/lateral pterygoid muscles
  18. Middle meningeal artery
    • -opposite IA
    • -through foramen spinosum-major blood supply to meninges of brain
  19. Buccal branch
    supplies mucosa of cheeks and mucosa of max/mand post. teeth
  20. 5 Directions of the pterygopalatine fossa branches:
    • -back-nasal plarynx
    • -down-palate
    • -medial-nasal cavity
    • -lateral-max. tuberosity
    • -forward-infraorbital area
  21. Descending palatine artery enters the hard palate via the what?
    pterygopalatine canal
  22. What are the two branches of the descending palatine artery?
    • -lesser palatine->palatal mucosa
    • -greater palatine->gingiva
  23. Posterior Superior Alveloar Artery (PSA)
    • -enters via pterygomaxillary fissure
    • -enters bone behind 3rd molars (max.)
  24. Pterygopalatine (sphenopalatine) artery
    • -enters via sphenopalatine foramen
    • -supplies nasal cavity
    • -emerges from incisive foramen and joining greater palatine
  25. Infraorbital artery supplies what?
    • -upper lip
    • -lower eyelid
    • -end of max. artery
    • -gingiva next to ant. teeth
    • -side of nose
  26. Veins usually run with arteries and have same names except for?
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