plant biology

  1. What is a diploid?
    (2N) a cell haveing two sets of chromosomes 1 from mom and 1 from dad
  2. what is a haploid?
    (1N) a cell having one set of chromosomes a sex cell (egg or sperm)
  3. What is Mitosis?
    • division of diploid parent cell into two identical diploid daughter cells.
    • Occurs during growth and asexual reproduction
  4. what is meiosis?
    • division of diploid parent cell into four different haploid gamete cells
    • occurs during sexual reproduction to produce egg or sperm
  5. what are the four phases?
    • PMAT
    • P=prophase (paired)
    • M= Metaphase (middle)
    • A= anaphase (apart)
    • T= telophase (two cells)
  6. what is cytokinesis?
    cell plate forms between the new cells (cell wall plus middle lamella)
  7. what is chromatin?
    daughter chromosomes become longer, thinner...then indistinguishable
  8. what gametes are produced in plants as a result of meiosis?
    four different haploid gametes
  9. what is prophased?
    the chromosome pair have copied themselves Paired
  10. what is metaphased?
    middle=chromosomes align at the metaphase plate along the cent or equator of the cell
  11. what is anaphased?
    apart=sister chromatids of each chromosome pair separate as they are pulled to opposite poles
  12. what is telophased?
    two cells=saughter chromosomes surrounded by a new nuclear envelop and become longer thinner nucleoli reapper
  13. what is chromosome?
    a nuclear body containing genes in a linear order
  14. what is chromatid?
    the half chromosome during prophase and metaphase of mitosis, and between prophase I and anaphase II of meiosis
  15. what is centromere?
    the region of a chromosome that binds to the spindle during mitosis
  16. what is the division I (Meiosis)?
    • reductive division
    • Prophase I
    • Metaphase I
    • Anaphase I
    • Telophase I
  17. what is the division II (meiosisII)
    • equational division
    • Prophase II
    • Metaphase II
    • Anaphase II
    • Telphase II
  18. what is crossing over?
    chromosomes pairs may exchange parts with each other
  19. what is chiasma (chiasmata)?
    where crossover occurred
  20. Prophase? Prophase I? Prophase II ?
    • paired and copy themselves(mitosis)
    • Prophase I=meiosis I redutive division
    • Prophase II = meiosis II equaitonal division
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