PMP - Human Resources Management review

  1. When an employee is motivated primarily by a desire for personal growth, Maslow would say that person is responding to which human need?
  2. The tendency to consistently rate someone high or low based on an impression is called
    Halo error
  3. Name six ways of dealing with conflict
    • 1. Problem solving / confronting
    • 2. Collaborating
    • 3. Compromising
    • 4. Smoothing / Accommodating
    • 5. Withdrawing / Avoiding
    • 6. Forcing
  4. If both parties in a conflict employ forcing what is a possible outcome?
  5. What is concurrent engineering?
    An attempt to lower costs and accelerate schedules through th euse of multi-functional teams and overlapping of project phases
  6. What is the difference between a responsibility matrix and a resource Gantt chart?
    A resource Gantt chart shows the timing of the tasks and a responsibility matrix does not
  7. List five examples of fringe benefits
    Profit sharing, training, medical benefits and employer matching of social security payments
  8. What is the major difference bewteen the authority of a project expeditor and that of a project coordinator?
    The authority of an expeditor is generally limited to the division headed by his/her vice president. The authority of a coordinator is more likely to work across divisions
  9. How is productivity normally measured
    Output divided by Input
  10. Name Maslow's five levels in the hierarchy of needs from lowest to highest
    • Physiological
    • Safety
    • Social
    • Self-Esteem
    • Self-Actualization
  11. What are the objectives of a kick-off meeting?
    • Introduce Team Members
    • Establish working relationships
    • Establish lines of communication
    • Set and/or review goals and objectives
    • Reveiw project status
    • Review project plan
    • Identify problem areas/issues
    • Establish responsibilities/accountabilities
    • Obtain commitments
  12. Name the sources of authority or power that a PM can draw on
    • Formal authority (legitimate power)
    • Technical authority (expert power)
    • Purse-string authority (reward power)
    • Referent power
    • Coercive/penalty power
    • Bureaucratic power
    • Charismatic power
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PMP - Human Resources Management review
PMP - Human Resources Management Review