PMP - Scope Management Review

  1. Product specifications should be developed by
    The project engineers or technical staff
  2. What is scope definition?
    Developing a detailed description of the project and product
  3. What is the primary tool for scope verification?
  4. WBS Cost Account
    A cost category that represents the work assigned to a single responsible organizational unit - also called a control account
  5. What is the WBS numbering system called and what does it provide?
    Chart of accounts or Code of Accounts

    • Provides
    • 1. Allocation of budget to specific tasks
    • 2. Tracking of performance/spending against specific work packages
    • 3. Identifying the level of detail for specific tasks
  6. What is the scope baseline composed of?
    • 1. Scope Statement
    • 2. WBS
    • 3. WBS Dictionary
  7. What is alternatives identification and what is it used for?
    Alternatives Identification is a tool of define scope and is used to ensure that all approaches to doing the work have been considered. Brainstorming and lateral thinking are examples of how to perform alternatives identification
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PMP - Scope Management Review
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