IV starts

  1. Step 1
    assemble your equipment (put flush through tubing)
  2. Step 2
    Put on a pair of appropriately sized non-latex examination gloves
  3. Step 3
    Apply tourniquet to the IV arm above the site
  4. Step 4
    visualize and palpat the vein
  5. Step 5
    cleanse the site with a chlorhexidine swab using an expanding circular motion
  6. Step 6
    • Prepare and inspect the catheter:
    • -remove the catheter from the package
    • -push down on the flashback chamber to ensure it is tight
    • -remove the protective cover
    • -inspect the catheter and needle for any damage or contaminats
    • -spin the hub of the catheter to ensure that is moves freely on the needle
    • -do not move the catheter tip over the bevel of the stylet
  7. Step 7
    Stabilize the vein and apply counter tension to the skin
  8. Step 8
    Insert the stylet through the skin @ a 45 degree angle and then reduce the angel as you advance through the vein
  9. Step 9
    Observe for "flash back" as blood slowly fills the flash back chamber
  10. Step 10
    advance the needle approximately 1cm further into the vein
  11. Step 11
    Holding the end of the catheter with your thumb and index finger, pull the needle (only) back 1 cm with your middle finger
  12. Step 12
    Slowly advance the catheter into the vien while keeping tension on the vein and skin
  13. Step 13
    remove the tourniquet
  14. step 14
    Occlude the distal end of the catheter with the 3rd, 4th and 5th fingers of your non-dominant hand
  15. Step 15
    Secure the catheter hub with your thumb and index finger and carefully remove needle
  16. Step 16
    place the needle into the sharps container
  17. Step 17
    • connect the extension set with the 10ml syringe of normal saline to the catheter hub.
    • Flush the remaining fluid from your syringe into the catheter, observing for leacking or swelling at the site and close the lock
  18. Step 18
    secure the catheter by placing the Tegaderm over the lower half of the catheter hub taking care not to voer the IV tubing connection
  19. Step 19
    Secure the extension set with tape
  20. Step 20
    Time and date the I.V
  21. To remove IV
    To Remove IV
  22. Step 1
    shut off the IV by closing the roller clamp
  23. Step 2
    Remove the tape and tegaderm from the tubing and catheter
  24. Step 3
    place a non-sterile 2x2 gauze over the IV site and remove the catheter from the arm and secure it in place with a piece of tape
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