CRJ700 Warnings Limitations

  1. Are pilots authorized to deviate from their current ATC clearance to comply with EGPWS???
    YES, Pilots are authorized to deviate from ATC to comply with EGPWS
  2. Does the terrain database account for man-made obstructions???
    NO, except for all known man-made obstructions in Canada, the United States and Mexico
  3. In the use of the terrain display can you predicate it as airplane navigation??
    NO, Advisory only
  4. How should unwanted alerts be inhibited???
    By selecting the GRND PROX, TERRAIN switch OFF
  5. When should the GRND PROX, TERRAIN switch be in the OFF position???
    • Within 15NM of Take-off, Approach or landing of an airport not contained in the EGPWS airport database.
    • Both GPS sensors inoperative, unless the FMS position has been updated within five minutes prior to take-off.
  6. When the EGPWS alert, caution or warning occurs what is the recommended maneuver???
    Only Vertical maneuvers are recommended, unless operating in VMC and/or the pilot determines, based on all available information, that turning in addition to vertical escape maneuver is the safest course of action.
  7. With both GPS sensors inoperative: CAUTION The EGPWS may fail to alert terrain threat exists when???
    • During ambient surface temperatures below ISA
    • During non-standard temperatures lapse rates
    • If incorrect barometric settings are set in the altimeter
  8. When should both SPS be inhibited???
    NEVER, SPS is required for all phases of flight.
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CRJ700 Warnings Limitations
CRJ700 Warnings Limitations