American Govt.

  1. Describe "Jarring of Parties"/structure and Powers of the President
    The Framers believed that the presidency should not have complete power over congress but just as much working as a checks and balances, nothing over powers another.
  2. Three Branches of Government:
    • Legislative
    • Executive
    • Judicial
    • *are all independent of one another
  3. Unified Government can only exist if voters in enough states/districts vote for the __________ to control the House,Senate,Presidency.
    same party
  4. The ____________ _____________ decided there would be a single executive
    Constitutional Convention
  5. A system of Government in which the legislature selects the prime minister or the president
    Parliamentary System
  6. What are the terms of:
    Executive (president)
    • 4 years
    • 2 years
    • 6 years
  7. What amendment limits the president to two-terms?
    The 22nd Amendment (rat 1951)
  8. Qualifications to be a President/Vice President
    • At least 35 years old
    • Natural-born citizen of the U.S.
    • Resident of the US for the past 14 years
  9. Describe the Constitutional Crisis of 1800
    John Adams won election Thomas Jefferson is runner up and made VP but they disagreed too much, therefore changing the way a VP was elected
  10. The joint listing of the presidential/vice presidential candidates on the same ballot as required by the 12th amendment is __________________.
    Presidential Ticket
  11. The presidents constitutional authority to control most executive functions
    Vesting Clause
  12. 3 Roles that Presidents play
    • Commander In Chief
    • Diplomat In Chief
    • Manager In Chief
  13. A binding agreement between the US and one or more nations that requires mutual action toward a common goal
  14. Five additional powers for the President
    • 1. the power to appoint judges and officers of govt
    • 2. the power to veto legislation
    • 3.the power to grant pardons to individuals convicted of federal crimes
    • 4.the power to take care that the laws are carefully executed
    • 5.the power to inform and convene Congress
  15. This power gives the president the power to control what happens inside the departments and agencies during their term
    The Appointment power
  16. To be overridden this power needs a two-thirds vote
    The Veto Power
  17. This power can shorten prison sentences,correct judicial errors,and protect citizens from future prosecution,
    The Pardon Power
  18. This power makes the president responsible for implementing the laws that Congress enacts
    The take care power
  19. This power gives the president a significant platform for presenting their legislative agenda to both Congress and the people.
    The power to inform and Convene Congress
  20. The presidents right to keep secrets
    (pg321 for chapter summary)
    Executive Privilege
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