chapter 32

  1. The term paraphillia is used to identify repetitive or preferred sexual fantasies or behaviors that involve any of the following:
    • -The preference for use of a nonhuman object
    • -Repetitive sexual activity with humans that involves real or simulated suffering or humiliation
    • -repetitive sexual activity with nonconsenting partners
  2. Most people with paraphillias who seek outpatient treatment do so for pedophilia
    **45%** of the time
  3. Most individuals with paraphillias are men and the behavior is generally established in **adolescent**The behavior peaks between ages
    **15**and **25**
  4. Type of paraphilias
    • -exposure of one’s genitals to an unsuspecting stranger
    • -male exposure exposing himself to a female
    • -most do not desire having sex, often masturbating to themselves, showing or erected
  5. 2)Fetishism
    • -nonliving object or gratification
    • -frequently masturbate while holding the object
    • -partner wearing the objects
  6. 3)Frotteurism
    • -rub or fonding against a nonconsenting person
    • -they like being in crowd
    • -usually go home and think about it and masturbate and self stimulate
  7. 4)Voyeurism
    • -desire observe unexpected people
    • -attend to co exist with other paraphilla
    • -often precursor to rape
    • -no victim consent
  8. 5)Sexual masochism
    • -satisfaction for being beaten and bound **tied up**
    • -self stimulate and do it themselves
  9. 6)Sexual Sadism
    • -see other suffer
    • -fantasy involve complete over the victim
    • -when a couple with other antisocial personality have recipe for very pathological deviant human being
  10. Type of rape1.Organized rapist
    • -very mobile; usually in a car have transportation
    • -restraint is common use
    • -crime scene reflects well and premeditated
    • -aggressive
  11. 2.Disorganized rapist
    • -do not use restraint
    • -use a weapon opportunities
    • -crime scene is random and slobby
    • -body is left at the at the scene
  12. 3.Opportunestic rapist
    • -act is determine more by situation than fantasy
    • -crime scene very disorganized
    • -impulsive act
    • -inflict pain
  13. 4.Sadistic rapist
    • -most often associate with serial killing
    • -they like to inflict pain
    • -highly organized
    • -violence is directed at parts of the body
    • -sexual gratification from victims and suffering
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