Quiz 4

  1. Metabolic acidosis
    • caused by diarrhea
    • child breathes rapidly to 'blow off' CO2
  2. Metabolic alkalosis
    • caused by vomiting
    • child will breathe slowly, shallowly
  3. Intussusception
    • the invagination of one portion of the intestine into another, a surgical emergency
    • 6-12 mo
    • draw up legs and cry in severe pain, then symptom free for 15 minutes, repeats
    • bile in vomit, blood in stool and maybe vomit
    • currant jelly appearance
  4. Necrotizing enterocolitis
    • the bowel develops necrotic patches (d/t ischemia)
    • paralytic ilius, perforation, or peritonitis may occur
    • abdomen becomes distended and tense
    • treat surgically
  5. Celiac disease
    • sensitivity to protein, especially gluten found in grains (wheat, rye, oats, and barley)
    • develop steatorrhea (bulky, fatty stools), malnutrition, distended abdomen
    • any type of infection is a crisis
  6. Hirschsprung's Disease
    (aganlionic megacolon)
    • nerve cells in the lower portion of the sigmoid colon are absent
    • no peristalic waves
    • chronic constipation, yet no stool in rectum
    • surgical intervention to repair
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