Vocabulary 1-12

  1. coinage
    • n. the invention of new words
    • an invented word or phrase
    • the process of making coins
    • v. coin
  2. colloquial
    • adj. Used in or suitable to spoken language or to writing that imitates speech; conversational
    • informal in style of expression
    • n. colloquialism
    • adv. colloquially
  3. diligence
    • n. constant and earnest effort to accomplish a task; careful attention
    • adj. diligent
    • adv. diligently
  4. fastidious
    • adj. difficult to satisfy or please; exacting
    • possesing or displaying careful attention to detail.
    • adv. fastidiously
    • n. fastidiousness
  5. judicious
    • adj. Having or exhibiting sound judgement; sensible; wise
    • adv. judiciously
    • n. judiciousness
  6. meticulous
    • adj. extremely careful and precise
    • excessively concerned with details
    • adv. meticulously
    • n. meticulousness
  7. prudent
    adj. excercising caution, good judgement, or common sense in handling practical matters; giving thought to one's actions and their consequences
  8. beguile
    • trans verb. to deceive; trick
    • to amuse; delight
    • to pass (time) pleasantly
  9. decorum
    • n. appropriateness of behavior or conduct; propriety
    • adj. decorous
  10. demeanor
    n. The way in which one behaves or conducts oneself; deportment
  11. ignoble
    • adj. not having a noble character or purpose; dishonorable
    • not of the nobility; common
    • adv. ignobly
  12. unseemly
    • adj. not in good taste; improper; unbecoming
    • adv. in an unseemly manner
    • n. unseemliness
  13. abject
    • adj. lacking all self-respect; contemptible
    • very miserable; wretched
    • adv. abjectly
    • n. abjectness
  14. conjecture
    • n. the act of forming an opinion from incomplete evidence; guesswork
    • a statement or opinion based on guesswork
    • trans v. to guess
    • intrans v. to make a conjecture
    • adj. conjectural
  15. subjective
    • adj. taking place within an individuals mind rather than the external enviroment; personal
    • adv. subjectively
    • n. subjectivity
  16. apprehensive
    • adj. anxious or fearful about the future; uneasy
    • adv. apprehensively
    • n. apprehensiveness
  17. dubious
    • adj. doubtful; uncertain
    • questionable as to quality or validity
    • adv. dubiously
    • n. dubiousness
  18. precarious
    • adj. dangerously lacking in security or stability; unsafe; risky
    • adv. precariously
    • n. precariousness
  19. unequivocal
    • adj. leaving no doubt or misunderstanding; perfectly clear
    • adv. unequivocally
  20. vacillate
    • intrans v. to waver indecisively between one course of action or opinion and another; hesitate
    • n. vacillation
  21. fortitude
    n. strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or trouble with courage
  22. resilient
    • adj. recovering strength or spirits quickly
    • springing back to position or shape
    • n. resilience
    • adv. resiliently
  23. stalwart
    • adj. physically strong, sturdy, robust
    • resolute; firm
    • n. a sturdy, strong-willed person.
    • a loyal supporter
    • adv. stalwartly
    • n. stalwartness
  24. mettle
    • n. spirit; daring; pluck
    • a strength of character or purpose equal to a test
  25. credence
    • n. acceptance as a true or valid; belief
    • claim to acceptance; trustworthiness
  26. credulous
    • adj. tending to believe too readily; easily decieved; gullible
    • n. credulity
    • adv. credulously
  27. alacrity
    n. speed and willingness in acting or responding; cheerful; readiness; eagerness
  28. imperturbable
    • adj. not easily disturbed or excited; unshakably calm and collected
    • n. imperturbability
    • adv. imperturbably
  29. impetuous
    • adj. tending toward suddenness and boldness of action; impulsive; hasty
    • adv. impetuously
    • n. impetuousness
  30. indolent
    • adj. reluctant to exert oneself; habitually lazy
    • suggesting a calm idleness and ease
    • n. indolence
    • adv. indolently
  31. brazen
    • adj. rudely bold; insolent
    • trans v. to face or undergo with bold or brash self-assurance
    • adv. brazenly
    • n. brazenness
  32. complaisant
    • adj. showing a desire or willingness to please; cheerfully obliging; amiable
    • n. complaisance
    • adv. complaisantly
  33. strident
    • adj. having a shrill, harsh, and grating sound effect
    • n. stridency
    • adv. stridently
  34. intrepid
    • adj. courageous; fearless; bold
    • adv. intrepidly
    • n. intrepidness
  35. pacific
    adj. promoting peace; peaceful; tranquil; serene
  36. unabashed
    adj. not embarrassed or ashamed
  37. avert
    • trans v. to turn away or aside
    • to prevent from happening
  38. diversion
    • n. something that relaxes or entertains; recreation
    • the act of turning aside from a course or direction
    • the act of drawing the attention from one thing to another
    • v. divert
  39. inadvertent
    • adj. accidental; unintentional
    • not duly attentive
    • adv. inadvertently
  40. incontrovertible
    • adj. indisputable; unquestionable
    • adv. incontrovertibly
  41. versatile
    • adj. capable of doing many things competently
    • having varied uses or functions
    • n. versatility
  42. subterfuge
    • n. deception by means of a strategy or device
    • a deceptive strategy or devise
  43. furtive
    • adj. done quickly and with stealth; sly
    • adv. furtively
    • n. furtiveness
  44. latent
    • adj. present or capable of coming into existence but not evident, active, or visible
    • n. latency
    • adv. latently
  45. ostensible
    • adj. represented or appearing a certain way, but often not actually so; seeming; professed
    • adv. ostensibly
  46. surreptitious
    • adj. done or acting in secret; sneaky
    • adv. surreptitiously
    • n. surreptitiousness
  47. unobtrusive
    • adj. not readily noticeable; inconspicuous
    • not aggressive; discreet
    • adv. unobtrusively
    • n. unobtrusiveness
  48. elucidate
    • trans v. to make clear or plain
    • intrans v. to give an explanation that makes something clear
    • n. elucidation
  49. didactic
    • adj. intended to teach or instruct
    • teaching a moral lesson
    • inclined to leach or moralize too much
    • adv. didactically
    • n. didacticism
  50. imbue
    • trans v. to pervade or permeate as if with a dye or stain
    • to dye or stain intensily
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