1. what is tissue fluid that drains from surrounding tissues into the lymphatic vessels
  2. what is the purpose of the lymph?
    helps remove cell waste
  3. the lymphatic vessels follows the ____ and they flow into larger vessels called _____ _____
    • veins
    • lymphatic ducts
  4. anywhere there is a vein there is a ____ ____
    lymphatic vessel
  5. what is the super highway of the lymph
    lymphatic ducts
  6. what do the lympatic ducts drain into?
    venous system at the subclavian vein
  7. where do the lymphatic ducts into the venous system at?
    subclavian veins
  8. the ____ ____ _____ is drained by the right subclavian
    upper right quadrant
  9. what does the left subclavian drain?
    all of the body except the right upper quad
  10. the upper right quad is drained by the ____ ____ and the rest of the body is drained by the ____ ____
    • right subclavian
    • left subclavian
  11. a lymph node is ___ shaped
  12. lymph nodes are ____ shaped bodies grouped around ____ ___
    • bean
    • lymph vessels
  13. what are lymph nodes groped around?
    lymph vessels
  14. what is the purpose of the lymph nodes?
    filter toxic products from the lymph so it won't enter the bloodstream
  15. t/f you can usually palpate the lymph nodes during an extraoral exam
    false-can't palpate unless they are swollen
  16. lymph is first filtered ___ ____ and then filtered second in the _____ ____
    • primary nodes
    • secondary nodes
  17. lymph nodes are surrounded by a ____ ___ capsule
    connective tissue
  18. lymph nodes are full of ____ and they filter out toxins in the ____
    • lymphocytes
    • lymph
  19. what are large masses of lymphocytes that DO NOT have the connective tissue capsule
  20. t/f tonsils have a connective tissue capsule
    false-do not have ct capsule
  21. what are three types of tonsils
    • palatine tonsils
    • lingual tonsils
    • pharyngeal tonsils
  22. which tonsils are located between the pillars in the oropharynx
    palatine tonsils
  23. what tonsils are located on the back of the tongue
    lingual tonsils
  24. what is it called when there is an enlargement of lymph nodes or tonsils because there are more lymphocytes in the area to fight infection
  25. with lymphadenopathy the tonsils or lymph nodes can become ____ and ____
    palpable and tender
  26. they lymph vessels are a common way for what to spread?
  27. what kind of cancer is the most common to be spread through lymph?
    breast cancer
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