nervous hardcore

  1. efferent neuron
    motor neuron: CNS to muscle/gland
  2. afferent neuron
    sensory neuron: receptors (anywhere) to CNS
  3. motor neuron
    efferent neuron: CNS to muscle/gland. GO DO SOMETHING
  4. sensory neuron
    afferent neuron: any receptor back to the CNS. I FEEL SOMETHING
  5. synapse is the space between
    axon terminal's nerve impulse and neuron/muscle cell/gland cell
  6. dendr/o
  7. lept/o
    thin, slender
  8. sthen/o
  9. radicul/o
    nerve root
  10. thec/o
    sheath (meninges)
  11. ton/o
  12. -lepsy
  13. -plexy
  14. -taxia
    order, confusion
  15. pachy-
  16. inability to comprehend senses even though they are intact
  17. asthenia
  18. alternate contraction and relaxation of muscles
    clonic spasm
  19. paresthesia
    numbness, prickling, tingling or heightened sensitivity
  20. trephination
    circular cut into skull to relieve intracranial pressure
  21. a nervous impulse results in either
    activity or inhibition
  22. 2 kinds of cells in the whole nervous system
    neurons and neuroglia
  23. most nerves are composed of efferent AND afferent, this is called
    mixed nerves
  24. dendrites add extra surface area for
    receiving impulses from other neurons
  25. white, lipoid covering on many axons
    myelin sheath
  26. myelin sheath does 2 things
    • electrical insulator to keep the impulse from hitting nearby nerves
    • accelerator
  27. white matter is white because it is
  28. gray matter is gray because it
    is not myelinated
  29. the neurotransmitter goes across the synapse to receptor sites on the dendrites, where it generates the next electrical stimulus. THEN, the receiving neuron
    inactivates the neurotransmitter, preventing unwanted continued stimulation
  30. neuroglia means
  31. neurilemma/neurolemma
    the wrapping around a Schwann cell
  32. CNS
    brain and spinal cord
  33. PNS
    12 pair cranial nerves and 31 pair spinal nerves
  34. ascending nerve tracts
    sensory. upward.
  35. descending nerve tracts
    motor. downward.
  36. the three meninges
    • dura (outer)
    • arachnoid
    • pia (inner)
  37. meninges and spaces
    • dura
    • subdural
    • arachnoid
    • subarachnoid
    • pia
  38. spinal nerves: anterior root contains motor, posterior contains
  39. SNS (somatic)
    voluntary movement. it innervates skeletal muscles. walking, talking
  40. ANS (autonomic)
    involuntary. innervates glands, smooth muscles, cardiac muscles. digestion, heart contraction
  41. ANS (autonomic) is divided into (2)
    • sympathetic
    • parasympathetic
  42. these nerve fibers produce vasoconstriction, increased heart rate, elevated BP, slowing of GI
  43. these nerve fibers produce vasodilation, slower heart rate, lower BP, normal GI
  44. lex/o
    word, phrase
  45. gli/o
    glue, neuroglial tissue
  46. para-
    near, beside, beyond
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