Nervous System

  1. Hypothalamus controls what?
    Autonomic, emotional & center's control
  2. Autonomic control
    BP, HR, RR, motility of G.I. tract. (Controlled by hypothalamus)
  3. Emotional Control
    Pain, pleasure, rear, rage, sexual drive. (controlled by hypothalamus)
  4. Center's Control
    Thermostat, hunger, thirst, sleep-wake, endocrine. (controlled by hypothalamus)
  5. ADH
    Antidieuretic Hormone (water saving/releasing)
  6. Oxytocin
    Related to birth/uterine contractions, direct hormone from pituitary gland
  7. Brain Stem
    Consists of the midbrain, pons and medulla oblongata
  8. Midbrain
    Peduncles, cerebral aqueduct, pigmented nuclei and corpora quadrigemina
  9. Peduncles
    Cerebral and superior cerebellar (located in the midbrain)
  10. Cerebral Aqueduct
    Connects 3rd & 4th ventricle (located in the midbrain)
  11. Pigmented Nuclei
    Substantia Nigra, red nucleus (located in the midbrain)
  12. Corpora Quadrigemina
    Superior colliculi, Inferior colliculi (located in the midbrain)
  13. Superior colliculi
    Vision (apart of the corpora quadrigemina, located in the midbrain)
  14. Inferior Colliculi
    Hearing (apart of the corpora quadrigemina, located in the midbrain)
  15. Pons
    Conductions tracts, part of the respiratory center
  16. Conduction tracts
    Longitudinal & transversal (located in the pons)
  17. Longitudinal Conduction Tracts
    Deep projection fibers (located in the pons)
  18. Transversal Conduction Tracts
    Superficial fibers: middle cerebellar peduncles (located in the pons)
  19. Medulla Oblongatta
    Pyramids, decussation of pyramids, inferior cerebellar peduncles, olives, nuclei, centers
  20. Pyramids, decussation of pyramids
    Located in the Medulla Oblongatta
  21. Inferior Cerebellar Peduncles
    Located in the Medulla Oblongatta
  22. Olives
    Nuclei located in the medulla oblongatta. Come in pairs - relay station for info to cerebellum
  23. Nuclei
    Olives, vestibulocochlear, nucleus
  24. Nucleus
    Gracilis, cuneatus (nuclei located in the medulla oblongatta)
  25. Centers
    Primary & Secondary
  26. Primary Center
    Cardiac, vasomotor, & respiratory (located in the medulla oblongatta)
  27. Secondary Center
    Vomiting, hiccuping, swallowing, coughing, & sneezing (located in the Medulla Oblongatta)
  28. Limbic System
    Emotional system containing the rhinencephalon & diencephalon region
  29. Rhinencephalon Region
    Cingulate gyrus, parahypocampal gyrus, hippocampus, part of amygdala (apart of limbic system)
  30. Diencephalon Region
    Hypothalamus & anterior thalamic nucleus
  31. Reticular Formation
    Alertness/awareness - if damage occurs to reticular formation, coma proceeds
  32. Protection of the brain
    Skull, meninges, CFS, blood-brain barrier
  33. Function of meninges
    Cover/protect CNS, protect blood vessels, enclose venus sinuses, contain CSF, for partitions
  34. Parts of meninges
    Dura mater, arachnoid mater, pia mater
  35. Dura Mater
    Periosteal & meningeal layer
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