CRJ 700 Engines Limitations

  1. CRJ700 Engines
  2. Start N1
  3. Start ITT
    Red Line
  4. Start N2
  5. Start OIL Temp (minimum)
  6. Start OIL PRESS
    Amber Value for max. of 10 min
  7. IDLE N1
  9. IDLE N2
  10. IDLE OIL Temp
    60PSI max
  12. Before attempting to ground start ITT must be below?
  13. Before attempting to air start engine ITT must be below?
  14. Max Oil Pressure when oil temp transient is less than 60oC
  15. MAX Oil Pressure indication?
    182psi displayed as amber dashes.
  16. MAX Oil Pressure during start
    Oil pressure above 95psi may be greater than 95psi for a maximum of 10mins.
  17. Low Oil Pressure (amber values) requires oil temperature monitoring when???
    Above IDLE
  18. Pilot initiated APR thrust is PROHIBITED at what ALT except in the case of safety of flight:
    • Above 7,500MSL or
    • Within the first 30minutes after any engine start at altitudes below 7,500MSL.
    • NOTE: APR events must be logged in the AML in APR thrust was used.
  19. What ITT Status message that must be logged in the AML
  20. Thrust Management Data target N1 value allowable tolerance.
    (+1.0%) With the engine running and bleeds configured for takeoff, the crews must verify that the target N1 values correspond to the data presented in the thrust settings charts.With the thrust levers set for takeoff, target and actual N1 values should match.
  21. Before the first flight of the day, when the aircraft is cold-soaked at an ambient temperature of -30oC or below for more than eight hours requires what procedures???
    • The engines must be motored for 60 seconds and the fan rotation must be verified on the N1 indicator before an engine start is initiated.
    • The thrust reverser's must be actuated until the deploy and stow cycles are two seconds or less
  22. Continuous ignition must be used when?
    • Takeoffs and Landings on an contaminated runway.
    • Flight through moderate or heavier intensity rain.
    • Flight through moderate or heavier intensity turbulence.
    • Flight in the vicinity of thunderstorms.
  23. MAX N1 during WARM UP?
    • Engine must remain at IDLE until oil temp reaches normal operation range.
    • During all starts, do not exceed 75% N1 for two minutes after start, or until all operating indications are in the normal range, whichever is longer.
  24. Max starter speed
    45% N2 RPM indication
  25. Thrust lever movement from SHUT OFF to IDLE ITT must be below... for ground start and below ... for air start.
    • 120oC for ground start
    • 90oC for air start
  26. Engine Start (Ground) STARTER LIMITATIONS
    • 1st and 2nd cycles.............90sec ON, 10sec OFF
    • 3rd through 5th cycles.......90sec ON, 5 mins OFF
  27. Engine Start or Motoring (Flight) STARTER LIMITATIONS
    • 1st cycle...........................120sec ON, 10sec OFF
    • 2nd through 5th cycles.......60sec ON, 5mins OFF
  28. Motoring (Ground) STARTER LIMITATIONS
    • 1st cycle.............................90sec ON, 5mins OFF
    • 2nd through 5th cycles........30sec ON, 5mins OFF
  29. Start limit Caution
    Motoring Cycle limits may NOT be combined with Starting Cycle limits. Anytime the Trust Lever has been advanced to IDLE, Motoring Cycle limits CANNOT be applied.
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