CH 11 P/P/Hs

  1. Hallucination
    a reported sensory experience for which no sensory input exsits
  2. hallucinogens
    are one of the more striking symptoms associated with such drugs, many authors refer to this class of drug as ....
  3. psychotomimetic
  4. psychotogenic
    psychosis generating
  5. psychedelic
    for mind expanding mind manifesting mind clarifying or mind revealing
  6. monoamine related substances
    whose molecular structure and biochemical activity suggest that their effects are mediated by alteration in the activity of 5-HT DA and NE in the CNS
  7. Cannabinoids
    derivaties of Cannabis sativa (marijuana) plant or synthetic analogues
  8. anticholinergics
    block ACH activity in the brain
  9. dissociative anesthetics
    are analgesic/anesthetic drugs with P/P/H effects
  10. ibogaine
    P/P/H drug with pharmacological properties so unique that it does not fit into any of the four classes but shares some properties with at least two of them
  11. 1. monoamine related substances
    2. cannabinoids
    3. anticholinergics
    4. dissociative anesthetics

    list the 4 main classes of P/P/Hs
  12. ability to alter consciousness and perceptual processes
    most of these drugs grain their reinforcing values for humans because of their ability to ........ (rather than exerting effects on the primary reward centers of the brain)
  13. governmental restrains and lack of funding
    research on most of the P/P/Hs over the last 3 decades particularly with humans has been limited primarily due to ..............( 2 things ) for this type of reseach
  14. schedule 1
    furthermore, since many of these substances are classified as ......drugs researchers have to apply special DEA licence to conduct research with them
  15. 1. LSD
    2. psilocybin
    3. mescaline
    4. MDA
    5. MDMA
    Examples of Monoamine related P/P/Hs
  16. MDA
    love drug
  17. 3,4 methylenedioxyamphetamine
  18. MDMA
  19. (3,4 methylenedioxymethamphetamine)
  20. ergot
    LSD is a derivative of ..... which is present in bread blighted by ..... producing fungi and produces a wide variety of neuropsychiatic and vascular symptoms
  21. Hoffmann
    LSD was originally synthesized by 1938 while working with several derivatives of ergot
  22. autoreceptors , postsynaptic receptor s
    some of the 5- HT receptors are ..... and some are ,,,,
  23. agonists, partial agonist, or antagonist
    depending on the type of receptor LSD like P/P/Hs may act as ...., ....,. or , ...
  24. subjective
    the psychological effects of LSD and other P/P/Hs are very difficult to describe because they are almost entirely .... and dependent upon self reports
  25. context, and expectations
    futhermore, the effects are very dependent upon the ... and the ..... of the person
  26. transcendental experiences
    users report that they see things regarding themselves or others that they have never seen before
  27. kaleidoscope
    with the eyes closed the person experiences a virtual ... of changing patterns and intense colors
  28. synesthesia
    the transposition of sensations, such as sounds into visual images may occur
  29. dysphoric reactions, "bad trips"
    generally occur if users take a larger then usual dose of these substances and suddenly get the feeling that they are completely losing control over the experience and that they may never return to normal
  30. flashbacks
    some users may experience what they report as brief episodes similar to the LSD induced state-- several weeks or months ofter they have ingested LSD (causes ??)
  31. MDMA "Ecstasy"
    the latest controversy over monoamine related P/P/Hs is centered around a chemical relative of methamphetamine
  32. designer drug
    MDMA is commonly referred to as a ........ but it was synthesized by a legitimate company long before the concept came into being
  33. so-called smart drugs
    party goers who typically use MDMA often drink beverages with amino acids added to them
  34. serotonin, presynaptic
    ...seems to be heavily involved in the effects of both drugs, however rather than reducing serotonin realse as is the case with LSD both have been found to be potent serotonin releasing agents (..........effect)
  35. acute, cortical serotonin
    following the serotonin releaseing action there is an ..... depletion of ,,..... between 3 and 6 hours after administration
  36. cannabis sativa
    the leaves and buds of the ..... plant aka marijuana have been used as a medical herb for centuries
  37. amotivational syndrome
    some believe that marijuanas use results in a strong psychological dependence, leads users to more potent and dangerous drugs, induce the ...... and is the cause of permanent brain damage
  38. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)
    the major psychoactive chemical in marijuana
  39. joint (10-20 mg of THC)
    marijuana is commonly administered by smoking a .......( of THC)
  40. orally, inhalation
    most cannabinoids are highly lipid-souble and are readily absorbed both ...... and through ..........
  41. metabolism, smoke, lungs
    orally, GI tract, liver
    initial ..... of cannabinoids, in marijuana .....occurs in the ...... where as .....administration cannabinoids are metabolized in the...... and then by the .....
  42. metabolites
    most of the .....are also ......
  43. fluidizing
    THC exerts nonspecific .......effects on lipid membranes -similar to those of general anesthetics and alcohol but not to the same degree
  44. stereospecificity, levo isomer
    more active , dextro isomer
    there is a definite ,,,,,on the THC molecule was with the ........being from 6 to 100 times .......then the .......
  45. hippocampial operations
    THC mediated changes in ....... are probably responsible for the distortions in memory and cognitive performance that commonly occurs during marijuana intoxication
  46. acute panic anxiety reaction
    the ....noted, particularly when unexpected strong marijuana is used. is the more common psychological effect.
  47. reverse tolerance
    many users of marijuana report........
  48. non-related effects of marijuana
    a. acute marijuana intoxication
  49. tachycardia
    rapid heart rate
  50. non-related effects of marijuanaa. acute marijuana intoxication
    conjunctival reddening of the eyes
  51. non-related effects of marijuanaa. acute marijuana intoxication
    • low-dose slight increase in blood pressure
    • high dose slight decrease in blood pressure
    • blurred vision
    • headaches
  52. non-related effects of marijuana
    b. chronic marijuana use
    • pulmonary function impaired
    • risk factors for lung cancer
    • reproductive functioning imparied ?
    • immune responses?
    • affects chromosomes?
  53. orally , schedule 3
    THC is available for medical use in ........ (as a schedule ..... controlled substance )
  54. phencyclidine (PCP) and ketamine
    most profound effects in both of these is profound anethesia
  55. dissociative anesthetic , awake, disconnected
    this term is utilized because the patient aneshetized with a drig in this class are ,,,,, but appear ...... from the enviornment
  56. Sernylyn
    for this reason the drug company that developed ....withdrew it from the market expect for veterinary purposes
  57. stereospecific
    .......binding sites for PCP have been noted
  58. kappa opiod receptor agonist
    pcp may also be a .....
  59. enhace serotonergic activity partically be inhibiting 5 Ht reuptake
    high doses of PCP can ...
  60. peripherally , sympathomimetic effects
    ..... pcp has ....effects
  61. 3 days
    pcp has a relatively long plasma halflife how many days
  62. Ketamine
    after noting the many side effects of PCP chemist synthesized this. it was found to have the most therapeutic value as an anesthetic
  63. belladonna alkaloids, (atropa belladonna)
    the drugs are often called ..... ...... because at one time women used these compounds (..... .......) to dilate their pupils and enhance their beauty
  64. over the counter (OTC)
    in addition to their CNS effects anticholinergic drugs exert a number of peripheral effects that led to their being included in a variety of ....... medications
  65. atropine (dilation of pupils) scopolamine (motion sickness) and l-hyoscyamine
    the three most common anticholinergic compounds are
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