CRJ 700 Electrical Limitation

  1. AC System Maximum loading
    Maximum Loading on either Main Generator and/or APU Up to 41,000ft.............40kVA
  2. DC System In Flight Ops
    The Maximum permissible continuous load on each TRU is 120amps
  3. DC System Ground Ops
    To protect the flight compartment CRT displays, the maximum permissible time for ground operations with DC power only is five minutes.
  4. Circuit Breaker Reset (In Flight)
    A circuit breaker must not be reset or cycled unless doing so is consistent with explicit procedures specified in this Operating Manual or unless, in the judgement of the Captain, that resetting or cycling of the circuit breaker is necessary for the cafe completion of the flight.
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CRJ 700 Electrical Limitation
CRJ 700 Electrical Limitations