1. What is a good death?
    one free of avoidable distress and suffering for patient and family
  2. Describe a bad death?
    Not having ones wishes met
  3. What is death?
    • cessation of heart beat
    • absence of respirations
    • irriversible brain function
  4. What is CardioPulmonary Resuscitation(CPR)?
    Procedure that involves forcing air into lungs of patient who has stopped breathing and giving chest compressions in absence of pulse
  5. What are Active directives?
    written document prepared by a competent person that specifies what actions a person would want when he or she can no longer make decisions about personal health
  6. Durable Power of Attorney
    legal document in which a person appoints someone else to make his or her health care decisions in the event he or she becomes unable to make decisions
  7. Living will
    Legal document that instructs the physician and family about what life-sustaining treatment a person does or does not want at some future time if he or she become unable to make a decision
  8. The Patient self-determination act of 1990
    Requires all patients admitted to any health care agency be asked if they have written advanced directives
  9. Hospice care
    Interdisciplinary approach to assess and address the hollistic needs of patients and family to facilitate quality of life
  10. Palliative care
    prevent and relieve suffering and to support the best possible quality of life regardless of stage of disease or the need for other therapies
  11. S/S of End of life
    • Cooliness to extremities
    • Increased sleeping
    • Decrease fluid and food
    • Incontinence
    • Congestion and gurgling
    • Disorientation
    • Restlessness
    • Breathing pattern change
  12. Define Grief
    The emotional feeling related to the perception of the loss
  13. Define Mourning
    Outward social expression of the loss
  14. What is a life review
    • Structured process of reflecting on one's life
    • Facilitated by an interviwer
  15. Reminiscence
    Process of randomly reflecting on memories of events in one's life
  16. Spirituality
    connection to self, others, the environment and a 'higher power'
  17. Religion
    Formal expression of one's spirituality
  18. Bereavement
    Grief and mourning- the inner feelings and outward reaction of the survivor
  19. Sign and symptoms death has occured
    • Breathing stop
    • Body temp drops
    • Urine and stool may release
    • Heart stops beating
  20. Passive Euthanasia
    Withdrawing or withholding life sustaining therapy (WWLST)
    • Discontunuation of 1 or more therapies that might prolong the life of a person who cannot be cured by the therapy
    • "letting die"
  21. Active Euthanasia
    • A health care provider taking action that purposefully and directly cause patients death
    • Legal in oregon
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