Fifth Principle

  1. List some considerations relating to the Fifth Principle
    • Retention of Records Policy
    • Code of Practice Section 46 or 61 (FOI)
    • Links with FOI
    • Certificates of Destruction
    • Confidential Paper Waste
    • Old Hardware
  2. What is the FOI Code of Practice Section 46?
    This code of practice, issued under section 46 of the Freedom of Information Act, gives guidance on good practice in records management. It applies to all authorities subject to the Act, to the Public Records Act 1958 or to the Public Records Act (Northern Ireland) 1923. It also contains guidance on the review and transfer of public records to an archives office for permanent preservation. The section 46 code of practice was revised and re-issued on 16 July 2009.
  3. What is the FOI Code of Practice Section 61?
    The Section 61 Code of Practice on Records Management provides authorities with guidance as to the keeping, management and destruction of the authorities' records.
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Fifth Principle
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