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  1. Levothyroxine (brand)
    Levoxyl, Synthroid
  2. Tamsulosin (brand)
  3. Donepezil (brand)
  4. Sildenafil (brand)
  5. Alendronate (brand)
  6. Tolterodine (brand)
    Detrol LA
  7. Allopurinol (brand)
  8. Varenicline (brand)
  9. Raloxifene (brand)
  10. Iron (brand)
    Fergon, Slow Fe
  11. Sumatriptan (brand)
  12. Levothyroxine (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    Tablet, 25,50,100 mcg, uncomplicated adult 1.6 mcg/kg/day
  13. Tamsulosin (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    Capsule, .4mg, One or two capsules 30 minutes following the same meal each day
  14. Donepezil (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    Tablet, 5,10mg, one or two tablets once daily
  15. Sildenafil (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    Tablet, 50mg, 50mg once daily 1 hour before sexual activity
  16. Alendronate (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    Tablet, 35,70mg, one tablet once weekly
  17. Tolterodine (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    Capsule, 2,4mg, one capsule daily
  18. Allopurinol (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    Tablet, 100,300mg, one tablet once or twice daily
  19. Varenicline (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    tablet, .5,1mg, one tablet twice daily for 12 weeks
  20. Raloxifene (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    tablet, 60mg, one tablet daily
  21. Iron (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    tablet, 325mg (65mg iron), one tablet 1 to 3 times daily
  22. Sumatriptan (Dosage Form, Strength, Frequency)
    tablet, 25,50,100mg, 25mg to 100mg at first sign of migrane, may repeat in 2 hours if no relief
  23. Levothyroxine (indications)
  24. Tamsulosin (indications)
    Enlarged Prostate
  25. Donepezil (indications)
    Alzheimer's disease
  26. Sildenafil (indications)
    Erectile Dysfunction
  27. Alendronate (indications)
  28. Tolterodine (indications)
    Overactive bladder
  29. Allopurinol (indications)
  30. Varenicline (indications)
    Smoking cessation
  31. Raloxifene (indications)
    Osteoperosis, breast cancer risk reduction
  32. Iron (indications)
    Iron deficiency, dietary supplement
  33. Sumatriptan (indications)
    Treatment of migraine, cluster headaches
  34. Levothyroxine (Counseling tips)
    Take on an empty stomach, do not switch manufacturers
  35. Tamsulosin (Counseling tips)
    Take 30 minutes after food, orthostatic hypotension, runny nose, priapism
  36. Donepezil (Counseling tips)
    Take at bedtime (fatigue), GI bleed
  37. Sildenafil (Counseling tips)
    If erection lasts longer than 4 hours contact prescriber immediately, sudden loss of vision
  38. Alendronate (Counseling tips)
    Take 30 min before breakfast with plain water, remain upright for at least 30 minutes
  39. Tolterodine (Counseling tips)
    Take with food, Do not crush or chew, dry mouth, dizziness
  40. Allopurinol (Counseling tips)
    Take with food or mile (GI side effects), Drink 10-12 glasses of fluids daily, may take 2 to 6 weeks for optimal effect
  41. Varenicline (Counseling tips)
    Set quit date, begin taking 7 days before, take after eating with full glass of water, Vivid unusual dreams suicidal thoughts
  42. Raloxifene (Counseling tips)
    Flu-like symptoms at beginning of therapy, hot flashes, arthralgia, Don't use if had blood clot, smoke, pregnant
  43. Iron (Counseling tips)
    DI discomfort-constipation, diarrhea, take 30 min. before any meal (food decreases absorption), darkens stool
  44. Sumatriptan (Counseling tips)
    Do not use for other types of headaches, Will not prevent a headache
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