Vocabulary 1-10

  1. Vinc/Vict
    to conquer
  2. Duc/Duct
    to lead
  3. Tract
    to drag
  4. Peto
    to seek agressively, to assail, to rush
  5. Fract/Fring/Frang
    to break
  6. Cis
    cut, kill
  7. Tom
    to cut
  8. Punct
    to sting, pierce
  9. Pel/Puls
    to push, to drive
  10. Jac/Ject
    to throw, to cast
  11. Mit/Mis
  12. Mot/Mov
    to move
  13. Via
    road, way
  14. Fer
    to carry, to bring
  15. Port
    to carry, to bring
  16. Vid/Vis
    to see
  17. Pari
    be visible, appear
  18. Spec
    to look
  19. Phan
    to appear, to show
  20. Her/Hes
    to attach, be fixed
  21. Fus
    to pour out
  22. Solu/Solv
    to loosen, to solve
  23. Leg
    to select, to choose, to gather
  24. Fac/Fact/Fic
    to make, do
  25. Pon/Pound
    to put, to place, to arrange
  26. Struct/Strue
    to build
  27. Stit/Stat
    to stand
  28. Plac
    to please
  29. Grat
    pleasing, earning thanks, thankful
  30. Doc/Doct
    to teach
  31. Temper
    to temper, make less severe
  32. Tort/Torq
    to twist
  33. Volv/Volu
    to roll, to turn
  34. Flex/Flect
    to bend
  35. Vert/Vers
    to turn
  36. Crimin
    crime, charge of crime
  37. Culp
    to plame
  38. Onus/Oner
  39. Prob/Prov
    prove good, approve
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