Acid Base Balance

  1. What is an Arterial Blood Gas (ABG)
    To evaluate acid base balance
  2. What maintains acid-base balance
    • Chemical
    • Respiratory
    • Renal
  3. Chemical and protein Buffers
    • 1st line of defense
    • Binds or release H+ as needed
    • Responds quickly to change in pH
  4. Respiratory buffers
    • 2nd line of defense
    • Controls H+ ans CO2
  5. Renal buffers
    • Kidneys are the 3rd line of defense
    • Slower to respond
    • Kidney control HCO3 in the urine
  6. Hyperventilation
    decrease in H+
  7. Hypoventilation
    Increase in H+
  8. Full compensation
    normal pH
  9. Partial compensation
    pH is not normalized
  10. Anhydrase formula
    H20 + CO2=H2CO3=H+ +HCO3
  11. Metabolic acidosis
  12. Metaolic alkalosis
  13. Respiratory acidosis
  14. Respiratory alkalosis
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