ch 11 embryo

  1. tissue fluid that drains from surrounding tissues into the lymphatic vessels is called:
  2. why can't lymph go into the blood vessels?
    if it did, it would change the blood pressure
  3. what does the lymph do?
    helps remove CELL WASTE, lymph inflames a lymph node
  4. what follows veins?
    lymphatic vessels
  5. lymphatic vessels flow into larger vessels called:
    lymphatic ducts
  6. which type of drainage do the ducts drain into the venous system at the subclavian veins?
    lymphatic drainage
  7. by the time lymph gets through the body it is usually ______
  8. lymph nodes are ______ shaped bodies grouped around lymph _______
    • bean
    • vessels
  9. what doe lymph nodes do?
    FILTER TOXIC products from the LYMPH so it wont enter the BLOODSTREAM
  10. if a lymph node is not palpable it is _________
  11. what do the work in the lymph nodes to filter toxic products?
  12. primary/secondary lymph nodes: sometimes lymph is filtered _______. the primary nodes are where it is filtered _______.
    • twice
    • first
  13. lymph nodes are surrounded by a _______ _______ capsule
    connective tissue
  14. lymph nodes are full of ________ who filter out the toxins from the lymph
    lymphocytes (what the garbage men!?)
  15. what are large masses of lymphocytes that DO NOT have a connective tissue capsule?
  16. what are the three types of tonsils?
    • palatine
    • lingual
    • pharyngeal
  17. which tonsils can't be seen clinically?
    pharyngeal tonsils
  18. what are two clinical considerations of lymph?
    • lymphadenopathy
    • cancer
  19. an enlargement of lymph nodes or tonsils because there are more lymphocytes in the area to fight infection. can be palpable and tender is called:
  20. the lymph vessels are a common way for ______ to spread, especially ________ ________.
    • cancer
    • breast cancer
  21. T/F you can die from breast cancer
    FALSE! it starts in the breasts and travels through the lymphs where the cancer can kill you
  22. the upper _____ quadrant of the body is drained in the ______ subclavian, the rest of the body is drained into the _____ subclavian
    • right
    • right
    • left
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