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  1. After watching an episode of the Dr. Phil TV show, Shanae wonders why anyone would want to air their interpersonal dirty laundry in front of 70 million viewers. Shanae is wondering about the _____ of people who go on the Dr. Phil TV show.
  2. Joan goes to the kitchen looking for something to eat whenever she sees a TV commercial concerning food. If you wanted to study Joan's behavior, you would be doing research on...
    ... motivation.
  3. You just ran a marathon in very hot weather and perspired heavily. According to drive reduction theory, your body will a(n) _____ for water, w/c will produce a(n) _____ for water, w/c will lead to a(n) _____ to get water.
    need; drive; motivation
  4. When you exercise, you begin breathing more rapidly to provide oxygen to your cells. This increase in breathing is an example of:
  5. If you have problems w/ homeostais, w/c of the following is most likely?
    When you exercise, your breathing gets slower.
  6. A major criticism of drive reduction theory is that...
    ... people sometimes behave in ways that increase drives.
  7. Darrin is a good piano player. If he is alone, he gets distracted and makes mistakes. At a recital w/ strangers, he also makes mistakes. His best performance is typically when family and friends are nearby. This is an example of the:
    Yerks-Dodson law.
  8. Which of the following is evidence that signals other than those coming from the stomach are important in hunger?
    People whose stomachs have been surgically removed still report hunger.
  9. The hormone cholecystokinin (CCK)...
    ... signals you to stop eating.
  10. You are a hich school football coach and your team has an important game tonight. As the coach, you are in charge of the pre-game meal menu. W/c of the following would you choose and why?
    comply carbohydrates - Players need to maintain their energy level.
  11. A man receiveds a small dose of the peptide CCK (cholecystokinin). The results from previous studies that have utilized this procedure suggest that he will...
    ... report feeling full after eating a smaller-than-normal meal.
  12. What happens when your blood sugar level gets too low?
    You feel hungry.
  13. Debbie is interested in working on projects that will help fight childhood obesity. She is offered a job in research laboratory that is studying the effects of leptin in weight control.
    Yes; leptin is a hormone that has been linked to human weight control issues.
  14. Danielle is a normal weight female whereas Ron is an obese male. Wherever Danielle and Ron go out to dinner together, Ron always eats more food. Ron, a psychology major, correctly explains the fact that he eats more than Danielle by...
    ... pointing out that he has more fat cells than Danielle and he isn't satiated w/ food until all his fat cells are full.
  15. Though Nadine is not overweight, she would like to be significantly thinner than she is. She successfully loses 15 lbs on a low-carb diet, but returns to her original weight as soon as she goes back to eating normally. A few months later, she begins a new job and gains 8 lbs, but once she settles into a routine, she returns to her original weight. Nadine's body is altering her energy utilization and hunger when she gains or loses weight so she will return to her...
    ... set point
  16. Edna loves McDonald sweet tea. Whenever she sees the famous golden arches, she drives right in and orders a sweet tea. This illustrates...
    ... the effect of learned associations on eating behavior.
  17. Paris thinks her best friend, Nicole, may be suffering from undiagnosed anorexia nervosa. She share her concerns w/ Nicole, but Nicole insists that anorexia nervosa is "no big deal". What is the most serious consequence of anorexia nervosa?
    It has the highest mortality rate of any psychological disorder.
  18. Which of the following is a highest risk of anorexia nervosa?
    A 15 year-old white female whose parents are both lawyers.
  19. A male cat is trying to copulate w/ desk. It most likely has damage to the...
    ... temporal lobe of the cortex.
  20. Compared to the results from Kinsey's study in 1948, more recent scientific study has revealed that...
    ... the sex lives of Americans are more conservative than previously thought.
  21. Some politicians made the attempt to dismiss Bill Clinton's sexual escapade w/ one of his interns as typical American male sexual behavior. According to CURRENT research presented in your textbook, was his misbehavior characteristic of most American males?
    No, Clinton's sexual misbehavior was no representative of males in the Michael survery.
  22. Ethan is 17 years-old and his parents are concerned about the amount of sexually oriented videos, music, and movies that he watches. They are concerned because research show that...
    ... the frequency of watching sexually oriented material is linked w/ greater acceptance of casual attitudes about sex.
  23. You know that your friend, Andrew, is gay and you encourage him to "come out of the closet." You want Andrew to openly disclose his sexual orientation because there is evidence that...
    gay men who are "out of the closet" are less likely to develop cancer.
  24. You haven't eaten for two days. The only food store that is open is down a dark, creepy alley and your best friends are waiting for you to go to a movie. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, w/c of the following are you most likely to do?
    You'll get the food, then get out of the alley, and then meet your friends.
  25. If you had to write a research paper on Maslow's hierarchy of motives, w/c of the following titles would you choose to capture the essence of Maslow's theory?
    "Be all that you can be."
  26. According to self-determination theory, people are most fulfilled when they satisfy w/c three fundamental needs?
    competence, autonomy, and relatedness
  27. Lidia graduated from college ten years ago and is considering a career change. She is eager to find a position that challenges her and allows her to grow as a person. To learn about potential career paths, she signs up for classes at the local community college. Lidia's desire to explore and grow as a person reflects...
    ... competence motivation.
  28. Mary is in her fifties and Jill is 24-years-old. They belong to the same gardening club and go out to lunch after their meeting. According to information discussed in your textbook, w/c woman will feel more autonomous when tipping their server at the restaurant?
    Mary will have a greater sense of autonomy.
  29. Leiko is from Japan. Jill is from the United States. Cross-cultural evidence suggest that the needs emphasized by self-determination theory will valued by...
    ... both Leiko and Jill.
  30. Critics of the No Child Left Behind evaluation regiment maintain that...
    ... creativity and critical thinking skills are being neglected.
  31. Ray played baskeball all of his life because he loved the sport. He became so good that he was given the opportunity to play professional and eventually he signed a very lucrative contract. After that contract ran out, the team offered him slightly more money, but he decided that it was not enough. He chose to sit out a season rather than accept a salary that was less than he desired. Which of the following best explains Ray's behavior froma motivational perpective?
    The extrinsic motivation has replaced Ray's intrinsic motivation to play basketball.
  32. Marsha does a good job because she know her performance will result in a bonus if she meets her goals. Georgia does a good job because she feels a sense of accomplishment when she meets her goals. Both women do the same kind of work. Who is most likely to be more competent?
    Marsha is more competent but also more bored with her work.
  33. Which of the following is the most accurate statement about the relationship between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation?
    Extrinsic rewards sometimes have negative effects on intrinsic motivation and sometimes have positive effects on intrinsic motivation.
  34. Children who successfully resisted the temptation to eat a cooking so that they could get the delayed payoff of two cookies focused on...
    "cool thoughts"
  35. Joyce's doctor tells her to lose 20 lbs. The very day Joyce starts her low-calorie diet, her Girl Scout cooking order is delivered, she is invited to a birthday party, friends show up at her house w/ a pizza, and her next door neighbor bring her some left-over cherry pie. Joyce feels that the "world is against her" and decides to wait and start her diet next week. Based on research presented in your textbook, is this a good decision?
    No; Joyce needs to learn how to deal with temptations.
  36. According to the James-Lange theory of emotions, crying over spilled milk will result in...
    ... sorrow because you are crying.
  37. What is the main problem w/ using polygraph result as an indication of whether or not a person is lying?
    Different emotions can cause the same physiological changes.
  38. What is the main difference between the James-Lange theory of emotion and the Cannon-Bard theory of emotion?
    The theories propose different relationships between physiological arousal and emotion.
  39. Goals that are short-term, specific and challenging lead to...
    ... greater achievement.
  40. The galvanic skin response involves...
    ... increased eletrical conductively.
  41. When researchers examine the role of the two cerebral hemispheres in emotion, they find...
    ... withdrawal-related emotions are more strongly linked w/ the right hemisphere.
  42. A professor conducts an experiment in w/c she asks her students to either hold a pen between their teeth or hold a pen between their lips. After 5 mins., she finds that the students who held the pen beneath their teeth reported being happier than those who held it between their lips. These results most strongly support the:
    facial feedback hypothesis.
  43. Monica has had a very emotionally draining day, but she really isn't sure what she is feeling. After taking a quiet moment ot herself she starts to cry and after observing this bodily reaction, she decides that she must be sad. This example of emotional recognition is most consistent w/ the:
    James-Lange theory of emotion.
  44. Estimates of the degree w/ w/c heredity can explain obesity range from 25% to 70% is:
  45. Rates of bulimia nervosa appear to be on the decline.
  46. As with animals, human sexual behavior is controlled by hormones.
  47. Women set the upper limit on sexual activity and men tend to set the lower limit.
  48. According to Maslow's theory of human motivation, basic needs must be satisfied before higher needs can be met.
  49. Older Americans feel more autnomous than younger Americans when paying taxes, voting, and tipping.
  50. The flight or flight response is mediated by the sympathetic nervous system (SNS).
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