Vocabulary 8

  1. 1. Apprehension (n)
    • Oedipus trembled with apprehension.
    •  A feeling of anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen
  2. 2. Ashen (adj)
    • However, Jocasta had turned ashen.
    •  Extremely pale in appearance
  3. 3. Confront (v)
    • One day, Perseus decided to confront Polydectes about the annoying visits.
    •  To come face to face with somebody, especially in a challenge, and usually with hostility, criticism, or defiance
    •  To make somebody aware of something, often in a challenging way
  4. 4. Ghastly (adj)
    • Perhaps most ghastly of all, they had snakes instead of hair.
    •  Horrifying, shocking, or very upsetting
    •  Very bad or unpleasant
  5. 5. Inferno (n)
    • The palace was an inferno.
    •  A very large fire burning fiercely and uncontrollably
    •  A place being consumed by a large uncontrollable fire
    •  A place or situation reminiscent of hell (in being fiery, hot, or full of corruption)
  6. 6. Intolerable (adj)
    • Then just when the boredom seemed intolerable, something odd took place one day.
    •  So bad, difficult, or painful that it cannot be endured
    •  Very unpleasant or annoying
  7. 7. Livid (adj)
    • Priam was livid.
    •  Furious
  8. 8. Prospect (n)
    • “That prospect frightens me more than Creon’s words.”
    •  A possibility of something happening soon, especially something desirable
    •  Something that is expected or certain to happen in the future
  9. 9. Reconcile (v)
    • I am ready to reconcile.
    •  To bring two or more people back into a friendly relationship with eachother after a dispute
    •  To solve a dispute or end a quarrel
    •  To make somebody accept that something undesirable cannot be changed
  10. 10. Sanctuary (n)
    • “I hope you spoke truthfully about giving me sanctuary.”
    •  Refuge; a safe place, especially for people being persecuted
  11. 11. Torment (v)
    • His life had been one long torment.
    •  To inflict pain, torture, or anguish on a person or animal
    •  To tease a person or animal persistently
  12. 12. Unwittingly (adv)
    • He spoke of how he had committed his crimes unwittingly.
    •  Unaware of what is happening in a situation
    •  Said or done unintentionally
  13. 13. Vigilant (adj)
    • Yet, as vigilant as they were, nature stepped in.
    •  Watchful and alert, especially to guard against danger difficulties, or errors
  14. 14. Wily (adj)
    • The wily Odysseus was the first out of the horse.
    •  Crafty; Skilled at using clever tricks to deceive people
  15. 15. Wince (v)
    • Creon winced and wearily rubbed his hands over his face.
    •  To make an expression of pain with the face because of seeing or thinking something unpleasant or embarrassing
    •  To make an involuntary movement away from something because of pain or fear
    •  An expression of pain or fear (n)
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