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  1. fasciculation
    involuntary twitch of muscle fibers
  2. flaccid
    limp; without muscle tone
  3. hypertrophy
    enlargement; increase in size of muscles
  4. isometric contraction
    muscle tension increase, length unchanged, no joint motion
  5. isotonic contraction
    muscle tension unchanged, muscle shortened; joint moved
  6. joint
    are where bone ends meet; provides for motion and flexibility
  7. joint capsule
    fibrous tissue that encloses bone ends and other joint surfaces
  8. kyphosis
    increase in the convex curvature of the spine
  9. lamellae
    mature compact bone structures that form concentric rings of bone matrix; llamellar bone
  10. ligament
    fibrous band connecting bones
  11. lordosis
    increase in lumbar curvature of the spine
  12. ossification
    process in which minerals (calcium) are deposited in bone matrix
  13. osteoblast
    bone-forming cell
  14. osteoclast
    bone resorption cell
  15. osteogenesis
    bone formation
  16. osteon
    microscopic functional bone unit
  17. paresthesia
    abnormal sensation (eg. burning, tingling, numbness)
  18. periosteum
    fibrous connective tissue covering bone
  19. remodeling
    process that ensures bone maintenance through stimultaneous bone resorption and formation
  20. resorption
    removal/ destruction of tissue, such as bone
  21. scoliosis
    lateral curving of the spine
  22. spastic
    having greater-than-normal muscle tone
  23. synovium
    membrane in joint that secretes lubricating fluid
  24. tendon
    cord of fibrous tissue connecting muscle to bone
  25. tone (tonus)
    normal tension (resistance to stretch) in resting muscle
  26. trabeculae
    latticelike bone structure; cancellous bone
  27. atonic
    without tone; denervated muscle that atrophies
  28. atrophy
    shrinkagelike decrease in the size of a muscle
  29. bursa
    fluid-filled sac found in connective tissue, usually in the area of joints
  30. callus
    cartilaginous/fibrous tissue at fracture site
  31. cancellous bone
    latticelike bone structure; trabecular bone
  32. cartilage
    tough, elastic, avascular tissue at ends of bone
  33. clonus
    rhythmic contraction of muscle
  34. contracture
    abnormal shortening of muscle or joint, or both; fibrosis
  35. cortical bone
    compact bone
  36. crepitus
    grating or crackiling sound or sensation; may occur with movement of ends of a broken or irregular joint surface
  37. diaphysis
    shaft of long bone
  38. effusion
    excess fluid in joint
  39. endosteum
    a thin, vascular membrane covering the marrow cavity of long bones and the spaces in cancellous bone
  40. epiphysis
    end of long bone
  41. fascia (epimysium)
    fibrous tissue that covers, supports, and seperates muscles
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