religion chapter 0 review questions

  1. We possess ________ as children of God made in his image and likeness
  2. _________ is one of the theological virtues that relate us to the Blessed Trinity. It enables us to believe in God and in all that God has revealed to us.
  3. a virtue is _______
    "an habitual and firm dispotion to do good."
  4. Faith is a response to (a)______.
    It is a (b)______ and requires (c)______
    • (a)God's revelation
    • (b)gift
    • (c)free acceptance
  5. The father of faith is (a)______
    The best model of faith is (b)_______
    • (a)Abraham
    • (b)Mary, the mother of God who lived a faithful life of service and prayer.
  6. Faith requires ________
    obediance - submission of one's intellect and will to our loving God who has freely given himself to us.
  7. (a) What is responsible for interpreting and transmitting Catholic beliefs?

    (b) Where are these beliefs found?
    • (a) the Magisterium
    • (b)in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition
  8. What are the three theological virtues?
    • Faith
    • Hope
    • Charity (love)

    page 10
  9. ____ is the greatest of all of the virtues

    (B) charity (love) is the greatest of the virtues. It empowers us to love God above all things for his own sake, and ourneighbors as ourselves for the love of God.

    page 10
  10. Faith is the human response to _______
    God's revelation. faith is a God given virtue that helps a person fully embrace the truly goodnews of our essential goodness and wonderfullness.

    page 11
  11. Faith is a gift that enables us to commit ourselves totally in what two ways?
    in our intellects and in our wills.

    page 11
  12. Faith makes it possible to accept what?
    Jesus as Lord

    page 12
  13. Faith results in what?

    page 12
  14. ______ is Latin for "binding into a relationship"

    page 12
  15. What event held from 1962 to 1965 reformed the churches liturgy and taught important topics like the Church in todays world?
    The 2ndVaticand Council, the 21st ecumenicl council

    One of the four Constitutions produced at this council is "The Constitution on Divine Revelation". This talks about how the Holy Spirit guides the Church through Sacred Scripture and Tradition and through the teaching authority of the Church.

    page 13
  16. Catholics belong to the Communion of ______

    page 13
  17. The Bible is ______ inspired word

    page 13
  18. The ______ is God's inspired word
    The Bible.
  19. God can be found in ______
    everything ie. the Sacrements.

    page 13
  20. we are open to ______ wherever it is found

    page 13
  21. Love and service are hallmarks of what
    Our Christian faith

    page 13
  22. What is the Magisterium
    The teaching authority of the Church

    page 13
  23. What is the official compendium of the Catholic Faith?
    The Catechism

    page 14
  24. How does society grant conditional acceptance to people?

    What is wrong with this practice?
    It only accepts those who are wealthy, smart, athletic, etc.

    This is wrong because we are all special and unique. We all are loved by God and should treat each other like we would want to be treated and accept everybody.

    • question on page 16
    • answer on page 8/9
  25. What essential message about the worth of Human beings does Jesus Christ send to us?
    We all have value, dignity, and worth simply ecause God has made us in his image and likeness. God has destined for us and eternal life of happiness with the Blessed Trinity and our loved ones in Heaven.

    • question on page 16
    • answer on page 9
  26. name the theological virtues
    • faith
    • hope
    • charity(love)
  27. name the cardinal virtues
    • prudence
    • jjustice
    • fortitude
    • temperance
  28. Define virtue
    an habitual and firm disposition to do good.
  29. discuss three qualities of the virtue of faith
    Faith makes it possible to accept Jesus as Lord.

    Faith in Jesus makes it possible for us to partake in the life of the Holy Spirit who testifies to us who Jesus is.

    Faith is a gift, but our response must be free.

    Abraham and Mary are the wo models of faith.

    Faith results in religion.
  30. Identify the Constitution on Divine Revelation.
    The Constitution on Divine Revelation is one of the four Constitutions produced at the second Vatican Council.
  31. How does the Holy Spirit guide the Church
    Through Sacred Tradition and Sacred Tradition.
  32. What is religion?
    religion is the relationship between God and humans that results in a body of beliefs and a set of practices. Religion expresses itself in worship and service to God and by extension to all people and all creation.
  33. Define Magisterium
    The Magisterium is the official teaching authority of the Church. The Lord bestowed the right and power to teach in his name on Peter and the apostles and their successors. The Magisterium is the bishops in comminion with the successor of Peter, the Bishop of Rome (Pope)
  34. Identify the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
    The Catechism is the official compendium of Catholic Church teaching and was published in 1992
  35. How is Mary a model of faith, service, and prayer?
    Mary approached her entire life as a resounding "yes" to God's work. Her fidelity helped fulfill God's plan of salvation through her son, Jesus Christ.
  36. Define Saint
    A "holy one" of God who lives in union woth God through the grace of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit and whom God rewards with eternal life in heaven.
  37. What are firm attitudes, stable dispositions, habitual perfections of intellect and will that govern our actions, order our passions, and guide our conduct according to reason and faith
  38. What is the term for three important virtues bestowed on us at Baptism?
    theological virtues
  39. What is the relationship between God and humans that results in a body of beliefs?
  40. What is a worldwide, official assembly of the bishops under the direction of the pope?
    ecumenical council
  41. What is the term for a "holy one" of God who lives in union with God?
  42. What is the official teaching authority of the Church?
    the magisterium
  43. What is the compendium of the Catholic faith
    The Catechism of the Catholic Church
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