religion chapter 2 vocab

  1. gospel
    page 42
    • a term meaning "good news." The term refers to:
    • 1)Jesus' own preaching
    • 2)the preaching bout Jesus the Savior (Jesus Christ is the good news proclaimed by the church)
    • 3)the four Spirit-inspired written versions of the good news-the gospels of
    • Matthew
    • Mark
    • Luke
    • John
  2. Incarnation
    page 43
    the dogma that God's eternal Son assumed a human nature and became man in Jesus Christ to save us from our sins.

    the term literally means "Taking on human flesh"
  3. Christ
    page 45
    a title for Jesus meaning "the anointed one." In Greek the work Christos translated the Hebrew Messiah.
  4. salvation
    page 45
    God's forgiveness of sins, accomplished through the mercy of Jesus Christ, resulting in the restoration of friendship with God.
  5. parable
    page 48
    a favorite teaching device of Jesus in which he told a short story with a striking, memorable comparison that taught a religious message, usually about some aspect of God's kingdom.
  6. evangelists
    page 48
    • the four evangelists refers to the authors of the four gospels
    • Matthew
    • Mark
    • Luke
    • John
    • The word evangelist means "one who proclaims in word and deed the good news of Jesus Christ."
  7. catechesis
    page 49
    a process of "education in the faith" for young people and adults with the view of making them disciples of Jesus Christ.
  8. Epiphany
    page 52
    the feast that celebrates the mystery of Christ's manifestation as the Savior of the world
  9. virgin birth
    page 52
    a Church dogma that teaches that Jesus was conceived through the Virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit without the cooperation of a human father.
  10. Paschal mystery
    page 54
    the saving love of God most fully revealed in the life and especially the passion, death, resurrection, and glourious ascencion of his Son Jesus Christ.
  11. kingdom of God
    page 54
    the reign of God proclined by Jesus and begun in his life, death, and resurrection. It refers to the process of God reconciling and renewing all things through his Son, to the fact of his will being done on earth as it is in heaven.
  12. Parousia
    page 6o
    the second coming of Christ when the Lord will judge the living and the dead.
  13. heresy
    page 61
    an obstinate denial after Baptism to believe a truth that must be believed with divine and Catholic faith, or an obstinate doubt about such truth.
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