anatomy cranial nn

  1. what innervates the olfactory epithelium of nasal cavity
    olfactory (I)
  2. is I sensory or motor?
    olfactory - sensory
  3. retina (rods and cones)
    optic (II)
  4. is II sensory or motor?
  5. superior, medial and inferior rectus, inferior oblique and leavator palpebrae superior mm.
    oculomotor (III)
  6. sphincter pupillae and ciliary mm
    occulomotor (III)
  7. is III sensory or motor?
    oculomotor - motor
  8. superior oblique m
    trochlear IV
  9. is IV sensory or motor?
    trochlear motor
  10. skin and mucosae of face and head via ophthalmic, maxillary, and mandibular divisions
    trigeminal V
  11. mm of mastification, tensors tympani and veli palatini, mylohyoid and anterior digastric mm
    trigeminal V
  12. is V sensory or motor?
    trigeminal - both
  13. facial exp mm, stapedius, stylohyoid and posterior digastric mm
    facial VII
  14. lacrimal, sublingual and submandibular glands; other minor glands and mucosa
    facial VII
  15. taste buds of anterior 2/3 of tongue
    facial VII
  16. middle ear
    facial VII
  17. external ear
    facial VII, glossopharyngeal IX, vagus X
  18. lateral rectus m
    facial VII
  19. IS VII motor or sensory?
    facial - both
  20. ampullae of semicircular ducts and maculae of saccule and utricle
    vestibulocochlear VIII
  21. hair cells of cochlear duct
    vestibulocochlear (VIII)
  22. is VIII sensory or motor?
    sensory - vestibulocochlear
  23. parotid gland
    glossopharyngeal IX
  24. pharynx (gag reflex), carotid sinus, posterior 1/3 tongue, auditory tube, and middle ear
    glossopharyngeal IX
  25. stylopharyngeus m
    glossopharyngeal IX
  26. taste buds of posterior 13 of tongue
    glossopharyngeal (IX)
  27. is IX sensory or motor?
  28. smooth and cardiac mm. and glands of thoracic and abdominal organs through transverse colon
    vagus (X)
  29. is X sensory or motor?
  30. carotid and aortic bodies
    vagus X
  31. mm of soft palate, pharynx, larynx, and esophagus
    vagus X
  32. epiglottis
    vagus X
  33. mm of pharynx and larynx
    accessory XI (via X)
  34. is X sensory or motor?
    motor- accessory
  35. sternocleidomastoid and trapezius mm
    XI accessory
  36. extrinsic and intrinsic mm of tongue
    hypoglossal XII
  37. Is XII sensory or motor?
    motor- hypoglossal
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