Tabulka casu.txt

  1. predpoved
    BUDOUCNOST WILL - (You will meet a tall dark stranger and go on a long journey.)
  2. prave jsem se rozhodl
    BUDOUCNOST WILL - (I'll have an orange juice
  3. reaguji na neco
    BUDOUCNOST WILL - ((the phone is ringing) I'll answer it.)
  4. te� vytvarim budoucnost
    BUDOUCNOST WILL - (Let's have a party.- That's a great idea! We'll invite lots of people.)
  5. slib
    BUDOUCNOST WILL - (I'll pay you back on Friday.)
  6. rozhodnuto v minulosti_ je to v planu
    BUDOUCNOST PRITOMNY PRUBEH - (We're going to the movies.)
  7. uz rezervovany cas (kalendar)
    BUDOUCNOST PRITOMNY PRUBEH - (My brother is getting married next month.)
  8. chystam se
    BUDOUCNOST GOING TO - (I'm going to buy a new guitar.)
  9. je to v planu
    BUDOUCNOST GOING TO - (We're going to have a baby in June.)
  10. je to zrejme ze situace
    BUDOUCNOST GOING TO - (We're going to crash!)
  11. varovani
    BUDOUCNOST GOING TO - (He's going to suffer for this.)
  12. presvedcovani
    BUDOUCNOST GOING TO - (She's going to like it.)
  13. obecna pravda
    PRITOMNOST PROSTA - (The earth goes round the sun.)
  14. rutina_ zvyky
    PRITOMNOST PROSTA - (I get up at 7 o'clock.)
  15. jizdni rady_ rozvrhy
    PRITOMNOST PROSTA - (The caf� opens at 7.30 in the morning.)
  16. trvaly stav
    PRITOMNOST PROSTA - (I live in Prague.)
  17. deje se to opakovane
    PRITOMNOST PROSTA - (I go away three times a year.)
  18. casove vyrazy: vzdy_ casto_ nekdy...
    PRITOMNOST PROSTA - (I always go to work by car.)
  19. prave to probiha
    PRITOMNOST PRUBEHOVA - (He's having a shower.)
  20. je to docasne
    PRITOMNOST PRUBEHOVA - (I'm building a house.)
  21. stiznost
    PRITOMNOST PRUBEHOVA - (You are always losing things!)
  22. mam to hotovo_ uz jsem to udelal
    PREDPRITOMNOST PROSTA - (I've (already) sent it.)
  23. mam s tim alespo� jednu zkusenost
    PREDPRITOMNOST PROSTA - (She has seen the movie.)
  24. vyjadruje aktualni stav
    PREDPRITOMNOST PROSTA - (They have been to China twice.)
  25. vyjadruje cerstvost
    PREDPRITOMNOST PROSTA - (I've cut my finger.)
  26. casove vyrazy: dnes_ tento rok_ uz_ jeste..
    PREDPRITOMNOST PROSTA - (I've drunk four cups of coffee today.)
  27. 1) zacalo to v minulosti a 2) mam za sebou...
    PREDPRITOMNOST PROSTA - (I've known him for five years.)
  28. stiznost
    PREDPRITOMNOST PRUBEHOVA - (We've been waiting for you for twenty minutes!)
  29. 1) zacalo to v minulosti_ 2) mam za sebou... a 3) budu v tom pokracovat
    PREDPRITOMNOST PRUBEHOVA - (He's been playing drums for eleven years.)
  30. "je to ""historie"""
    MINULOST PROSTA - (He built the Statue of Liberty.)
  31. jednorazova udalost v minulosti
    MINULOST PROSTA - (I watched TV.)
  32. chronologie
    MINULOST PROSTA - (He started composing at the age of five. He was only 35 years old when he died.)
  33. casove vyrazy: v 5h_ vcera...
    MINULOST PROSTA - (I saw her in the morning.)
  34. pozadi deje_ atmosfera
    MINULOST PRUBEHOVA - (I was standing outside the bus station. It was getting late and I was feeling tired.)
  35. zrovna to probihalo
    MINULOST PRUBEHOVA - (We were playing squash at 4 o'clock yesterday.)
  36. nemuselo se to nutne dokoncit
    MINULOST PRUBEHOVA - (I was buying a guitar.)
  37. delsi + kratsi
    MINULOST PRUBEHOVA - (She was making dinner when her husband called her.)
  38. dva deje soucasne
    MINULOST PRUBEHOVA - (I was watching TV while she was reading newspaper.)
  39. """byvavalo""_ drive..."
    MINULOST USED TO - (This building used to be a cinema.)
  40. delo se to opakovane
    MINULOST USED TO - (David used to spend a lot of money)
  41. obecna pravda v minulosti
    MINULOST USED TO - (She used to be good.)
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