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  1. kind of infex that happens to an immune-weakened person (wouldn't happen normally)
  2. blood without fibrinogen is
    blood without an anticoagulant = serum
  3. blood with fibrinogen
    with an anticoagulant: plasma
  4. plasma
    does not clot
  5. serum
  6. -phylaxis
  7. bas/o
    basic, alkaline
  8. kary/o
  9. myel/o
    spinal cord, bone marrow
  10. neutr/o
    neutral, neither
  11. plas/o
    formation, growth
  12. poikil/o **
    varied, irregular
  13. sider/o
  14. -globin
  15. -phoresis
    carrying, transmission
  16. allo-
    other, differing from normal
  17. aniso-
    unequal, dissimilar
  18. acquired, abnormal immune response
  19. indurated
    hardened (like scratch test)
  20. when self vs nonself isn't clearly distinguished it's called
  21. GVHR
    graft versus host reaction
  22. RBC indices
    calculation of size, volume, concentration of hemoglobin for an average RBC
  23. Schilling test diagnoses
    pernicious anemia
  24. first node that receives drainage from cancer; most likely to have malignancies
    sentinel node
  25. anticoagulant meds: preventative or fixative?
    they don't fix existing clots. just prevent them
  26. an antigen stimulates the formation of
  27. serum
    sits on clotted blood
  28. plasma
    sits on flowy blood
  29. WBC do diapedesis and go into tissues, while RBC
    stay in the vessels
  30. monocytes become
  31. lymphocytes become
    T cells
  32. lymph, directionally
    goes one way
  33. 3 organs associated with lymphatic system
    • spleen
    • thymus
    • tonsils
  34. macrophages eat antigens and put them on the surface, making them
    antigen-presenting cells
  35. humoral: outside cells
    B cells to plasma cells to antibodies
  36. cellular: T cells
    • cytotoxic destroys
    • helper = cytokines
    • suppressor switches off after the kill is done
    • memory
  37. which immunity deals with extracellular antigens
  38. which immunity deals with intracellular antigens
  39. these cells have no memory, but also no specificity--they go after whatever
    natural killer
  40. poikil/o
    varied, irregular
  41. thromb/o
    blood clot
  42. aniso-
    unequal, dissimilar
  43. pathology associated with blood (3)
    • anemias
    • leukemias
    • coagulation disorders
  44. immune disorders are either
    too much or to little immune response
  45. normochromic
    the normal amount of hemoglobin in RBCs
  46. hypochromic
    decreased amount of hemoglobin in RBCs
  47. hemophilia treatment
    give the missing factor via IV
  48. hemophilia A lacks factor
  49. hemophilia B lacks factor
  50. leukemias are named for
    the kind of cells they affect.
  51. left untreated, leukemias are
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