Drug Testing in Nigeria

  1. Who is Pfizer? And what did they want?
    A pharmacurtical company wanting to test their new drug "Trovan" an anti-infectve pill in Nigeria
  2. What are the main arguments in defense of Pfizer?
    • bacterial menengitus leaves people with defects so it wasn't the drug's fault
    • In the US 10-12% of menengitus patients die
    • Already in phase 3 of testing
    • humanitarian intentions
    • donated money for medical supplies
    • paid for extra treatmenat
    • recieved written authorization from national agencies
  3. What are the main arguments against Pfizer?
    • thousands of lawsuits against them
    • largest criminal fine ever paid
    • unsanitary hospital
    • had not tested Trovan on this strain of menengitus
    • many left with defects
    • recieved no written consent
    • paid Nigerians to be quiet
    • US supreme court said they could be sued in US too
    • never tested on childeren
  4. Declaration of Helsinki
    a statement of ethical principles to provide guidance to physicians and other participants in medical research involving human subjects
  5. what are some impostant provisions of the Declaration of Helsinki?
    • the subjects must be volunteers and informed participants
    • if the subject cant consent, a guardian must
  6. what was the role of the Nigerian gov in the Pfizer case?
    • had to submit plans of testing to the ethics comittee of Kano hospital (very unproffessional)
    • denounced human rights
    • little public health regulations
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