Ch. 21 Eggs and breakfast

  1. pasteurization
    is achieved when the whole egg stays at a temperature 140 degrees F 3.5 minutes
  2. Baking eggs are also called
    shirred eggs
  3. Pan fried eggs are also refereed to as
    sunny side up or over easy, over medium, or over hard
  4. Basted eggs
    cooked over low heat with hot butter from pan spooned over them as they cook
  5. soft-boiled eggs are also called as
    (AKA soft cooked eggs )

    eaten out of the shell
  6. Blintzes
    are crepes that are cooked on only one side then filled with cheese
  7. fluoridated water
    naturally fluoridated or treated with fluorine to protect teeth
  8. hard water
    water with relatively high calcium and magnesium concentrations
  9. mineral water
    drinking water that comes from a protected underground water source and contains at least 250 parts per million of total dissolved solids such as calcium
  10. natural water
    bottled drinking water not derived from a municipal water supply; it can be mineral, spring, well or artesian-well water
  11. purified water
    bottled water produced by distillation, reverse osmosis, deionization or suitable process that meets governmental standards
  12. seltzer water
    a flavorless natural mineral water with carbonization
  13. Soda water
    a flavorless water with induced carbonation
  14. soft water
    water with a relatively high sodium concentration
  15. spring water
    water obtained from an underground source that flows naturally to the earth's surface
  16. Batista
    Italian for bartender; now used to describe someone who has been professionally trained in the art of preparing espresso and espresso based beverages
  17. steamed milk
    milk that is heated with steam generated by an espresso machine
  18. foamed milk
    milk that is heated and frothed with air and steam generated by an espresso machine; slightly cooler than steamed milk
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