IT Quiz 10

  1. Process centering...

    D. Turns people into professionals, instead of workers
  2. Where people essentially think together, occur when people explore their own and others’ ideas, in order to arrive at the best solution refers to..

    C. Team dialogue
  3. In communities....

    D. All of the above
  4. The organizing principle for traditional organizations has been...

    B. A and B, but not C
  5. Which of the following is the best form of organizational design?

    B. Community-based organization
  6. It is the responsibility of the CIO to help business managers....

    D. All of the above
  7. Successful organizations of the future will be designed...

    C. B and C, but not A
  8. What is the only sustainable source of competitive advantage?

    C. Learning
  9. What are examples of organizational learning disabilities?

    D. All of the above
  10. Match each user type with the definition (early majority, technically averse, late majority, eager beavers, early adopters)
    a) Willing to use technology but need some help to make it happen (and tend to be in important positions inside the organization)
    b) Resist technology due to concerns over loss of privacy, security, control, and possible exposure to competition
    c) Not afraid of technology, but they do have serious concerns about risks and costs
    d) Believe everything about (technology) is wonderful
    e) Often have a lot of discretionary income and think the corporation does too
    • a) Early Majority
    • b) Technically Averse
    • c) Late Majority
    • d) Eager Beavers
    • e) Early Adopters
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IT Quiz 10
IT Quiz 10