IT Quiz 8

  1. Which of the following is an enabler to IT-business alignment?

    D. A and C
  2. Which of the following is true about IT-business alignment?

    D. B and C
  3. The congruence of the firm’s IS strategy with the business strategy refers to...

    C. Strategic alignment
  4. The congruence of the business and IS structures within the organization refers to...

    A. Structural alignment
  5. The level of mutual understanding of and commitment to the business and IT mission, objectives and plans refers to...

    B. Social alignment
  6. The degree to which the information technology mission, objectives, plans, and technology support and are supported by the business mission, objectives, plans, and business processes refers to:

    C. IT-Business Alignment
  7. If you want success using the strategic alignment model, which of the following fits do you want to achieve?

    A. A and B
  8. Which of the following are impacts of IT-Business Alignment?

    A. C and D
  9. The infrastructure domains in the Strategic Alignment Model include which domains...

    C. Business Infrastructure and IT Infrastructure Domains
  10. The strategy domains in the Strategic Alignment model includes...

    C. IT strategy domain and Business strategy domain
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IT Quiz 8
IT Quiz 8