IT Quiz 5

  1. The best definition of the governance style of feudal is:

    A. Business unit leaders have decision or input rights
  2. ________ refers to a project growing in size during the development process

    B. Project creep
  3. What are the steps (in order) for the Waterfall method?

    C. Plan, Analysis, Design, Develop, Test, Implement, Maintain
  4. During _________, the process of development iterates quickly instead of through entire process, while in _________ sessions are held involving both end users and developers during which the system is designed

    B. RAD, JAD
  5. IT Governance defines which two types of rights:

    C. Decision rights and input rights
  6. "The process of gathering, incorporating, and measuring stakeholder expectations for IT" defines:

    B. Expectation Management
  7. A phased strategy is:

    C. When the system is brought in one functional unit at a time
  8. Which of the following is the definition of systems development?

    A. The activities that go into producing an information systems solution to an organizational problem or opportunity
  9. The best definition of the governance style of anarchy is:

    A. Individual end users hold a right
  10. Service-Oriented IS Organization

    C. The focus is to be responsive to the needs for systems, data, and architecture with centralized tasks, a flattened organization, and recognition of business unit sensitivities, but not full staff.
  11. Functional IS Organization

    D. Central IS staff broken into groups for different line and staff units and liaison roles are formed to interact with business units. The focus is to serve the needs of a particular group, often at the expense of the entire organization
  12. Indicate whether the following factor is a driver towards User Dominance or IT Dominance for the governance of the IT function.IT has skills that business unit does not
    a. IT dominance
    b. User Dominance
    a. IT dominance
  13. "The process of assisting people to make an alteration in their working environment" defines:

    A. Change management
  14. Which of the following are factors in the success of an IS project?

    E. All of the above
  15. Pilot testing is:

    D. When the system is brought into individual BUs and operates until system is successful
  16. IS Subsidiary

    C. The IS unit becomes a subsidiary to the organization and is responsible for own financial and market survival.
  17. A statement of how someone wants the future to be or believes it will be is a statement of a...

    C. Vision
  18. The best definition of the governance style of IT monarchy is:

    A. IT executives hold the right to make decisions
  19. A direct cutover strategy is:

    A. Risky; one system replaces the other on a given day
  20. The best definition of the governance style of business monarchy is:

    D. C-level executives hold the right to make decisions
  21. The difference between governance structure and governance style include:

    B. Structure shows roles, style defines the decision and input rights
  22. Distributed IS Organization

    B. Technology and tasks pushed into the business units, but keep a central group to take advantage of shared economies of scale (e.g. telecom). The focus is to develop and manage the corporate plan for IS and to assist divisions in making the best use of IT
  23. A parallel strategy is:

    B. Safe and conservative; both systems are used for a time
  24. The best definition of the governance style of duopoly is:

    C. One IT group and one business group share a right
  25. "Influencing and directing the performance of group members towards the achievement of organizational goals" means:

    A. Leading
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