CLEP Human Development

  1. What are the domains of development?
    Biosocial, cognitive and psychosocial.
  2. What are biosocial domains?
    Physical, biological and evolutionary factors affecting growth and development.
  3. What are psychosocial domains?
    Emotions, personality and relationships with other people that affect growth and development.
  4. What does the term 'nature' refer to?
    Genetic and various inborn biological factors affecting overall development.
  5. What does the term 'nurture' refer to?
    The influences of development arising from experience.
  6. When we say 'epigenetic,' we do we mean?
    A combination of nature and nurture.
  7. Define continuity.
    An uninterrupted succession or flow; a steady progression.
  8. Define discontinuity.
    An abrupt shift or change.
  9. Contexts of development describes what?
    Circumstances which affect development.
  10. Name some contexts of development.
    Society, home, school, gender and socioeconomic status.
  11. What are the six steps of scientific research?
    • 1. Question
    • 2. Hypothesize
    • 3. Predict
    • 4. Test
    • 5. Conclude
    • 6. Publish
  12. Describe what naturalistic observation and field experiment is, and name a drawback.
    A research method where persons are observed in their natural environment. Variability is a drawback.
  13. What are independent/dependent variables and what do they refer to?
    They refer to a controlled experiment. Independent is the difference a group receives and dependent is the measure of response and behavior.
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