AP English

  1. Personification
    afs. giving human qualities to non-human things
  2. Point-of-View
    Perspective from which a story is told
  3. Prose
    anything that isn't poetry or drama
  4. Repetition
    duplication of any element of language
  5. Rhetoric
    The art of using language effectively and persuasively
  6. Rhetorical Appeal-
    How a writer appeals to an audience
  7. Rhetorical Modes
    A characteristic of a specific genre
  8. Sarcasm
    bitter caustic language that is meant to hurt or ridicule
  9. Satire
    A work that targets human voices & follies or social inventions & conventions for reform or ridicule

    ie A modest proposal
  10. Similie
    An explicit comparison which includes if, like, or as
  11. Style
    An authors blend of diction, syntax, figurative language, and other literary devices
  12. Syllogism
    A deductive system of formal logic that presents to premises (opinions)
  13. Symbolism
    Anything that represents or stands for something
  14. Syntax
    The grammatical structure of sentences
  15. Theme
    The central idea or message of a work, it's incite it offers into life
  16. Thesis
    The sentence that directly expresses the authors purpose.
  17. Tone
    Describes the authors feelings toward his topic
  18. Transition
    A word or phrase that links different ideas
  19. Understatement
    The minimizing effect to present something less significant as it is
  20. Wit
    Intellectually amusing language that surprises and delights
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