Track and Field 11/22/2010

  1. Some of the Track and Field Events that we have learned in Physical Education during these four weeks are the following:
    • Running
    • Jogging
    • Sprinting
    • Speed Walking
    • Relays
    • Long Jump
    • Long Distance Races
    • Throwing
  2. The first Olympic Games were:
    • Organized by the Greeks
    • in the year 776 B.C. (Before Christ)
  3. 1 mile = 1,609.344 meters
    One lap around a track equals 400 meters.

    You will have to run approximately 4 laps to run a mile.
  4. The relay events are:
    4 x 100 meters

    4 x 400 meters
  5. Middle Distance Events are:
    400 meters

    800 meters
  6. Long Distane Events are:
    5,000 meters

    10,000 meters
  7. Jumps are:
    High Jump

    Triple Jump

    Long Jump

    Pole Vault
  8. Each participant needs to run on their assigned lane and be ready in their position to start the race.
    Numbers arew aligned in each lane like a ladder (steps) in the track so that each participant runs the same distance.
  9. If the lead-off runner makes a second false start, the team is disqualified from the event.

    The team would also be disqualified if they dropped the baton while passing or in the middle of the race.
    That is precisely why runners focus and practice their reaction so much.

    I relays, each participant needs to pass the baton among each other and all of them runs the same distance.
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