Muscle Actions

  1. Raises eyebrows:
    Epicranius frontalis
  2. Wrinkles forehead:
    Epicranius occipitalis
  3. Blinks, squints
    Orbicularis oculi
  4. Eyebrows down:
    Corrugator supercilii
  5. Elevates upper lip:
    Levator labii superioris
  6. Smile muscles:
    Zygomaticus major & minor
  7. Draws back corner of lip laterally:
  8. Lowers lip inferiorly:
    Depressor labii inferioris
  9. Depresses angle of mouth (frown):
    Depressor anguli oris
  10. Kissing, puckering, whistling muscle:
    Orbicularis oris
  11. Wrinkles skin of chin, protrudes lower lip:
  12. Assistant to chewing, corners of mouth laterally, blowing:
  13. Closing of jaw and elevates mandible:
  14. Depresses mandible, pulls lower lip down and back:
  15. Flexion of neck, rotate head towards opposite shoulder:
  16. Flex, slightly rotate neck:
  17. Opens jaw, elevates hyoid:
  18. Elevates hyoid, elevates base of tongue during swallowing:
  19. Depresses hyoid and larynx (3):
    • Sternohyoid
    • Sternothyroid
    • Omohyoid
  20. Prime mover of arm flexion, adducts and medially rotates arm:
    Pectoralis major
  21. Prime mover of arm abduction:
  22. Stabilizes scapula against thoracic wall:
    Pectoralis minor
  23. Inhalation:
    External intercostals
  24. Holds ribs steady:
    Internal intercostals
  25. Flexion of trunk:
    Rectus abdominus
  26. Rotates torso:
    External oblique
  27. Compresses abdomen (2):
    • Internal oblique
    • Transversus abdominus
  28. Rotation, retraction, elevation, depression of scapula:
  29. Adducts, extends, internally rotates arm:
    Latissimus dorsi
  30. Lateral rotation of arm (2):
    • Infraspinatus
    • Teres minor
  31. Internal rotation of humerus:
    Teres major
  32. Abduction of arm:
  33. Elevates scapula:
    Levator scapulae
  34. Retracts scapula, fixes to thoracic wall (2):
    • Rhomboideus major
    • Rhomboideus minor
  35. Flexes elbow, supinates forearm:
    Biceps brachii
  36. Extends forearm, adducts shoulder:
    Triceps brachii
  37. Flexion of forearm:
  38. Flexion at elbow joint:
  39. Pronation of forearm, flexes elbow:
    Pronator teres
  40. Flexion and abduction at wrist:
    Flexor carpi radialis
  41. Wrist flexor:
    Palmaris longis
  42. Flexion of wrist:
    Flexor carpi ulnaris
  43. Flexion of fingers at proximal interphalageal joint:
    Flexor digitorum superficialis
  44. Flexion of thumb:
    Flexor pollicis longus
  45. Pronates forearm:
    Pronator quadratus
  46. Extensor at wrist joint, abducts hand and wrist:
    Extensor carpi radialis longus
  47. Extensor and abductor of hand at wrist:
    Extensor carpi radialis brevis
  48. Extension of hand, wrist, and fingers:
    Extensor digitorum
  49. Extends and adducts wrist:
    Extensor carpi ulnaris
  50. Extension of thumb (3):
    • Extensor pollicis longus
    • Extensor pollicis brevis
    • Extensor pollicis longus
  51. Supinates forearm:
  52. Flexion of hip (2):
    • Iliopsoas
    • Sartorius
  53. Adduction and extension of hip (3):
    • Adductor magnus
    • Adductor longus
    • Adductor brevis
  54. Flexion, adduction, medial rotation at thigh:
  55. Flexion, lateral rotation, adduction at hip, flexes knee:
  56. Knee extension, hip flexion:
    Rectus femoris
  57. Extends and stabilizes knee:
    Vastus lateralis
  58. Extends leg (2):
    • Vastus medialis
    • Vastus intermedius
  59. Flexion, medial rotation, abduction of thigh:
    Tensor fasciae latae
  60. External rotation and extension of hip:
    Gluteus maximus
  61. Abduction of hip, medial rotation of thigh (2):
    • Gluteus medius
    • Gluteus minimus
  62. Flexes and laterally rotates knee:
    Biceps femoris
  63. Flexes knee, extends hip (2):
    • Semitendinosus
    • Semimembranosus
  64. Plantar flexes foot, flexes knee:
  65. Plantar flexion:
  66. Inversion of foot, plantar flexion of foot:
    Tibialis posterior
  67. Flex digits:
    Flexor digitorum longus
  68. Plantar flexion, eversion of foot (2):
    • Peroneus longus
    • Peroneus brevis
  69. Dorsiflexion and inversion of foot:
    Tibialis anterior
  70. Extension of toes and ankles:
    Extensor digitorum longus
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