Science test: reproduction

  1. follicles
    this is the name of cells undegoing mieosis to make an egg
  2. ovum (ova)
    the female reproductive gamete is made when cells in the ovaries undergo meiosis.
  3. gamete
    sexual reproduction cell, as sperm or egg when meeting another one creates a organism
  4. uterus
    is a hollow muscular organ where the baby grows
  5. cirvix
    a narrow muscular opening,
  6. vigina
    a channel where a baby comes out
  7. bladder
    urine tank
  8. clitoris
    is made of erectile tissue and many nerves that respond to the pleasure during sex
  9. sperm
    the male reproductive gamete
  10. testes
    is located in the scrotum
  11. epididymis
    there about 20 million sperm stored in a tiny tube at the top of the testes
  12. urethra
    the tube where urine is exelled
  13. prostate
    adds nutrients a nuttrient rich fluid called semen to the sperm
  14. semen
    helps the sperm with the energey they will need to the journey to the egg
  15. cowpers gland
    also adds nutrients to the sperm
  16. zygote
    the new diploid cell with 46 chromosomes
  17. diploid
    a cell containing two complete sets of chromosomes. one set mother one set father
  18. haploid
    a cell containing chromosome with no homologous partner. one set of genetic information
  19. meiosis
    the cell cycle that occurs in specialized diploid cells to yield haploid gametes
  20. fertilization vs. inplantion
    fertilization is there the sperm fuses with the egg to form a zygote. implantation is when the previously fertilized zygote fuses with the side of the uterus
  21. sister chromotids
    identical replicated chromatids
  22. similarities and differences of mitosis mieosis
    similar: Both types of cell divion, bth repicate cs ar start, cs are controlled by spinder fibers,

    different: produces dfferent #'s of daughter cells (mitosis-2, mieosis- 4), mitosis prduces diploid, meiosis produces haploids
  23. what type of cell divion ends with diploid daughter cells
  24. list the 5 different ways that an organism can reproduce by mitosis
    binary fusion, sporulation, budding, vegitaion propagation, regeneration
  25. the sperm are stored in...
    the epididymis
  26. what are two different things male and female
    • male: urethra carries roproductive cells
    • female: Urethra part of a saprate system
    • Male: Testes are extirior to the body
    • female: oraries is interior
  27. two similar things to male and female
    • 2 testes and 2 ovaries
    • erectile tissue and erectile tissue
  28. where does a zygote fertilize?
    fallopian tube
  29. what does LH (luteiniziting hormones) do in the female body?
    LH causes ovulation =, formation of corpus luteum
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