Dental anatomy

  1. What portion of the tongue is tightly packed striated muscle bundles, with a little adipose tissue?
    anterior 2/3
  2. which portion of the tongue is bulkier, less mobile, and less adipose tissue?
    posterior 1/3
  3. What 2 types of mucosa are found on the dorsum of the tongue? And what parts do they make up?
    • masticatory: covers muscle tissue
    • specialized: tongue papilla
  4. What are 3 types of taste bud cells?
    • fungiform papilla
    • foliate papilla
    • circumvallate papilla
  5. true or false. taste buds contain taste pores
  6. What is the most common papilla found on the tongue?
  7. is filiform papilla a type of taste bud?
  8. Where is filiform papilla located?
    on the dorsal surface of the tongue
  9. Where do the filiform papilla point?
    toward the pharynx
  10. how big are filiform papilla?
    2-3 mm
  11. What type of texture does filiform papilla have?
  12. What causes the white color of filiform papilla?
    increased keratin
  13. What is the function of the filiform papilla?
    to guide food back into the pharynx
  14. Where is fungiform papilla located in the mouth?
    body of dorsum of tongue - not near sulcus terminalis
  15. What is the shape of fungiform papilla?
  16. What is the size of fungiform papilla?
    1 mm
  17. Why is fungiform papilla so red?
    because it is highly vascularized
  18. what is the function of the fungiform papilla?
  19. Where is foliate papilla located?
    posterior lateral portion of tongue
  20. What is the appearance of foliate papilla?
    4-11 vertical ridges
  21. what is the shape of foliate papilla?
    leaf shaped
  22. what is the function of the foliate papilla?
  23. How many circumvalate papilla?
  24. What is the size of circumvalate papilla?
    3-5 mm
  25. Where is the circumvallate papilla?
    just anterior to sulcus terminalis, inverted V facing pharynx
  26. What is the shape of the circumvallate papilla?
    raised mushroom shape
  27. What is the function of circumvallate papilla?
  28. Where is von ebner's salivary gland found?
    in the circumvallate papilla
  29. sore or burning tongue, looks red to paler pink with white patches on the dorsal surface of the tongue, caused by changes in filiform papilla (goes from parakeratinized to orthokeratinized)
    geographic tongue
  30. thick layer of dead cells and keratin extrinsically stained by tobacco, medicines, and chromogenic bacteria, caused when mormal shedding of epithelium of the filiform papilla does not occur, it is the effect of fungal overgrowth due to high doses of antibiotics or radiation on the dorsal surface of the tongue
    black hairy tongue
  31. What is the treatment for geographic tongue?
  32. what is the treatment for black hairy tongue?
    brush tongue
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