Micro Exam 3

  1. TH cell
    T helper cell (CD4+ cell) – chief regulatory cell of Immune Response
  2. Tc cell
    T cytotoxic cell (CD8+ cell) –precursor to the CTL “killer” cell
  3. CTL
    cytotoxic T lymphocyte – the end-stage cell that hasthe ability to actively destroy non-self cells
  4. B cell
    line of lymphocytes that produce antibodies
  5. End stage cell
    plasma cell (not going to divide anymore)
  6. Apoptosis
    programmed cell death
  7. MHC
    major histocompatibility complex – a cassette of genes that controls all ofadaptive immunity
  8. Three Types of MHC
    • MHCI
    • MHCII
    • MHCIII
  9. MHCI
    Genes that control ability to generate cell-mediated functions
  10. MHCII
    genes that control the activation of THcells
  11. MHCIII
    genes that are involved in the production ofcomponents of the complement system
  12. Interleukins
    small peptides that allow immune cells tocommunicate with each other
  13. Five classes of antibody
    • IgMa
    • IgGa
    • IgA
    • IgEa
    • IgDa
  14. IgMa
    • First to appear following stimulation
    • Very large pentamer (lots of binding sites) “biologicalmop”
  15. IgG
    • Longest lasting
    • Most abundant
    • Passes from mother to child through umbilical cord
    • Principle antibody in “memory” response
    • Only class to cross placenta = passive immunity
  16. IgA
    • (two forms)
    • SerumIgA – monomer in blood
    • SecretoryIgA – polymer in secretions
    • i GI tract
    • ii Respiratory tree
    • iii Also passive transfer in mother’s milk
  17. IgE
    • Major role in dangerous allergic reactions
    • Big role against big parasites
  18. IgD
    Early receptor on B cells
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