S.S. Ch. 11-12 Review

  1. What did the southerners claim they had the right to do?
  2. What did Jackson rely on for advice?
    the "Kitchen Cabinet"
  3. Before teh 1820s, candidates from each party were selected at a...
  4. Craftsworkers and shopkeepers during the Jackson Era won...
  5. Defenders of the Union and supporters of __________ ________ argued
    states rights
  6. What was Jackson's nickname?
    Old Hickory
  7. Who won the election of 1824 during the corrupt bargain?
    John Quincy Adams
  8. Who was the spokesman for states rights?
    John C. Calhoun
  9. Who attacked nullification?
    Daniel Webster
  10. Who worked out a comrpomise for the nullification crisis?
    Henry Clay
  11. The election of 1824 was decided by the...
    House of Representatives
  12. Which state threatened to secede in 1832?
    South Carolina
  13. The argument of the Charoke's land in Georgia was decided by the...
    Supreme Court (Chief Justice Marshall)
  14. ____ _______ made imported goods more expensive.
    High tariffs
  15. Which election showed that voters stood behind Jackson's veto?
    the election of 1832
  16. What did Jackson veto while running for his second term in office?
    the Bank of the United States
  17. The ______ ______ was the practice of appointing supporters to government jobs.
    spoils system
  18. The expansion of suffrage and nominating conventions showed growing...
  19. What were the two political parties that formed from the Republican Party?
    Whigs and Democrats
  20. What three things increased because of frontier life?
    equality in white men, democratic ideas, and the number of voters
  21. How did John Tyler dissapoint his own party?
    He disagreed with his party on almost every issue.
  22. Which president thought that the government shouldn't affect the economy, so didn't try to fix the crisis?
    President Van Buren
  23. How did state banks contribute to the Panic of 1837?
    they printed too much paper money
  24. Which four countries claimed Oregon?
    United States, Spain, Britain, and Russia
  25. What was the meeting of trappers in the west called?
    a rendezvous (rahn dae voo)
  26. After the Mexican War, the United States forced Mexico to ____ some of its land.
  27. In 1845, what did the United States do to Texas?
    annex it into the United States
  28. _________ were people who punished criminals with no legal authority to back their actions.
  29. The people who traveled to California during the gold rush were called...
    the Forty-Niners because most of them went during 1849.
  30. Which Mexican leader led the attack on the Alamo?
    General Santa Anna
  31. Who founded the Jesus Christs latter day saints?
    Joseph Smith
  32. Who led United States settlers into Texas?
    Stephen Austin
  33. Who were the two missionaries who first reached Oregon?
    Marcus and Narcissa Whitman
  34. Who commanded the army of Texas?
    Sam Houston
  35. Where did United States and Britain agree to divide Oregon?
    at 40 degress North
  36. What term led to conflict with other nations for the United States?
    the Manifest Destiny
  37. The Native Americans in California were forced to work on...
  38. Why did the United States want New Mexico so much?
    for trade
  39. After a while, why did Mexico forbid United States settlers to come into Texas?
    they were scared the United States settlers would rebel because they outnumbered Mexicans in Texas
  40. Why did Mexico want United States settlers into Texas in the first place?
    they could help develop the land
  41. The Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Rio Grande, Golf of Mexico, and the Great Lakes are all...
    United States Borders
  42. To stop lawlessness, people in this state decided to set up a government.
  43. This city was chosen by Brighamm Young because of the isolation.
    Salt Lake City
  44. Which territory was the last territory gained in the United States?
    the Gadsden Purchase
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