Pathogen 2

  1. Neurotropic Viral Diseases
    • Rabies
    • Polio
    • Arboviral Encephalitis
  2. Rabies
    • Highest mortality rate of any human disease
    • Rabies virus transmitted by animal bite
    • Death can come within days from respiratory paralysis
  3. Polio
    • Poliomyelitis- gray matter of brain and spinal cord is affected
    • Poliovirus ingested in contaminated food or water
    • Multiplies first in tonsils, then lymphoid tissue in GI tract
    • May get into bloodstream where it invades meninges leading to paralysis
  4. Arboviral Encephalitis
    • Acute inflammation of the brain
    • Caused by a series of Togaviruses Bunyaviruses St. LouisEncephalitis virus
    • La CrossEncephalitis virus
    • Transmittedby mosquitoes
    • Characterized by sudden high fever and severe headache.
    • May lead to convulsions and coma
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